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Can Dalit Literature Be Only Written By Dalits?


29th March 2017, 09:01 AM IST Over the last two decades, South Asia’s landscape has been confronted with the re-emergence of ‘untouchable’ voices, challenging the dominant social, cultural and epistemological structures. It can be argued, here, that the entire discourse of knowledge production has been shaped by the dominant, largely ...

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Beniwal seeks action against Jodhpur policemen


29th March 2017, 07:20 AM IST Jaipur: Independent legislator Hanuman Beniwal on Tuesday alleged in the assembly that, like the Uttar Pradesh police’s anti-Romeo squads, the Rajasthan police have begun harassing couples. Beniwal referred to a video going viral about a married couple that was roughed up allegedly by drunken ...

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