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PMARC stands for sensitizing and informing the mainstream media, civil society and concerned individuals and organizations on issues related with Dalits, their growing marginalization, denial of justice and all forms of human rights, particularly the rights to life, dignity and equality.

In pursuit of these goals, PMARC is consistently monitoring the mainstream media – the coverage of Dalit-centered news and features/articles be since January, 2007.

We are hereby sending you a compendium of 95 cases, reported in the media during January, 2012 to December, 2012, of assault and atrocities encompassing rape, murder, sexual crimes targeting poor Dalit women in the country.

We sincerely call upon you to take up the cases of your concern and try to ensure justice to the victims.

It is also advantageous position that National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is consistently taking cognizance of our news monitoring and making us complainants in cases reported by us.



Dalit woman beaten, ‘paraded naked’ in CM home district

Police tried their best to delay arrests as people who thrashed 45-year-old woman and made her strip are close to a powerful aide of Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan in Satara district, claim Dalit activists.

A 45-year-old Dalit woman was allegedly beaten up by a group of people, made to strip and paraded naked at Moolgaon in Patan taluka in Satara district on Monday.

Dalit activists alleged that authorities delayed registering a complaint and were avoiding stern action against the perpetrators of the act because they were close to an aide of Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. They said the aide was the chairman of a sugar factory in Patan.

The incident took place after the victim’s son eloped with an upper caste girl on December 18. The girl’s parents reportedly lodged a missing complaint and also started harassing the Dalit woman to get her to talk about her son and their daughter’s whereabouts. The victim had claimed no knowledge of the couple’s elopement.

According to locals, the family of the girl cornered the Dalit woman near a public well on Monday and started asking her questions. After a heated exchange of words, they beat her up and even paraded her naked in the village.

The woman sustained severe injuries and was admitted to a hospital in Karad later that day. “This atrocious act of parading a Dalit woman naked after beating her up in the CM’s home district speaks about the state of Dalits in the progressive state of Maharashtra,” said Dalit Mahasangh founder-president Machindra Sakate.

“The authorities are also turning a blind eye to the incident as the girl hails from a politically influential family which has strong connections with the board of directors of the Shambhuraje sugar factory. The chairman of this sugar factory is believed to be close to the Chief Minister. The girl’s uncle Hambir Desai is also a board member of the sugar factory.”

Desai was one of the five arrested under the Atrocities Act yesterday evening. The police dismissed all allegations and said that there was no delay in taking action. “The lady, who was admitted to a Karad hospital, lodged a complaint there. The complaint was transferred to Patan on Tuesday. We have arrested Kisan Dattatray Desai, Hambirrao Bapurao Desai, Shantabai Kisan Desai, Vimal Vishwas Desai and Sunita Hambirrao Desai under the Atrocities Act,” said Police Inspector Fattelal Naikawade of the Patan police station.

Naikawade added that the initial inquiry pointed to the Dalit woman being beaten up but not paraded naked; sources said two members of the woman’s community had confided this to police. Reacting to the Dalit activists’ allegations that the police had registered a complaint against only five persons even though a mob had attacked the victim, Naikawade said, “We have taken action on the basis of the complaint filed by the victim, who named only five persons.”

NewsUpdates 17.01.12

Odisha Dalit Girl Gang Rape Case: Three of the four accused arrested- HotnhitNEWS

“In a very dramatic sequence Odisha Police has arrested three of the four accused in the case of gang rape of a dalit girl from Pipili’s Arjungoda village in Odisha. The case became a thorn in the throat of the Odisha Government and the state Police when news about denial by local Police to receive the FIR from the alleged rape victim’s family and denial of immediate treatment came in media and drew wide reactions. It was only when the State Human Rights Commission and Odisha High Court intervened by passing orders for immediate inquiry into the case and submit report and, also, instructed to make the best treatment available to the victim, the dalit girl in a state of coma was admitted for treatment and Odisha government soon ordered for inquiry by the Crime Branch and, also, set a judicial commission of inquiry for probing into the case.”

Basudev Mahapatra

One after another, Odisha Police’ Crime Branch team engaged in the inquiry of the alleged gang rape and attempt to murder of a girl from Pipili’s Arjungoda village in Odisha has arrested three of the four accused in a dramatic sequence in the last three days. While the prime accused Prasant Pradhan alias Pasia of Poparanga Village was nabbed at Khurda Road railway station on Sunday, 15 January 2012, police arrested two other accused Purnachandra Swain and Premanand Nayak in next two consecutive days. Police is now looking for Sukant Pradhan, the last of the accused.

The case has become a sensitive one with opposition political parties and civil society members came on the roads demanding a CBI probe to ensure justice to the victim dalit girl who is now in a state of coma and is struggling for life in SCB Medical College, Cuttack.

The case became a thorn in the throat of the Odisha Government and the state Police when news about denial by local Police to receive the FIR from the alleged rape victim’s family and denial of immediate treatment came in media and drew wide reactions. It was only when the State Human Rights Commission and Odisha High Court intervened by passing orders for immediate inquiry into the case and submit report and, also, instructed to make the best treatment available to the victim, the dalit girl in a state of coma was admitted for treatment and Odisha government soon ordered for inquiry by the Crime Branch and, also, set a judicial commission of inquiry for probing into the case.

The case has now become a political issue in the state with leaders of opposition political parties linking the Agriculture Minister of Odisha and Pipili MLA Pradeep Maharathi for playing a role in influencing the local police who denied to accept the FIR about the case from the family of the victim who was allegedly gang raped and attempted to be killed on November 28, 2011. While the government or the ruling party has not yet reacted to such an allegation by the opposition parties, the local MLA and Minister has refuted to all such charges saying that he is equally shocked with such a case and is to cooperate the investigations to get the culprits punished.

In the mean time, a civic body ‘Odisha Gana Samaja’ has submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Odisha requesting his intervention for a CBI probe of the Pipili gang case and review of all rape cases reported across the state.

On the other side, the victim of alleged gang rape case of Pipili is struggling in SCB Medical College Hospital. The plan to shift her to AIIMS, New Delhi couldn’t work out as the parents of the victim didn’t agree to shift their ailing daughter.

News Updates 18.01.12

Minister denies link with alleged rapist of dalit teenager- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Minister denies link with alleged rapist of dalit teenager


BHUBANESWAR: Amidst a statewide outcry demanding his resignation from the council of ministers over the alleged rape of a dalit girl at Pipili in Puri district, Odisha’s agriculture minister Pradeep Maharathy on Tuesday denied charges against him.
“I have no link with the accused persons though the incident took place in my assembly segment of Pipili,” Maharathy said rejecting the allegations of harbouring the criminals at his farm house.
Terming allegations against him as “false” and “baseless”, the agriculture minister said that he came to know about the alleged rape incident only from the media. “As I came to know about the incident from media, how can I provide them (criminals) shelter,” the minister said.
Claiming that he was busy in election campaigning for the ruling BJD candidate at Umarkote in Nabarangpur district on the date of the alleged rape incident, the minister said “I have not put any pressure on the police in this matter.”
“Not in this case, I have never put pressure on the police in any matter,” he claimed adding that he had absolute faith on the judiciary.
“I hope the Judicial Commission will unearth the truth behind the incident. I also hope that the state’s criminal investigation department, crime branch will catch the culprits involved in the alleged rape incident,” he added.
Prasanta Pradhan the prime accused and two other accused Purna Chandra Swain and Premananda Nayak had so far been arrested while one Abu Pradhan, was still at large.

News Updates 19.01.12

Rape victim’s father refuses AIIMS offer- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Rape victim’s father refuses AIIMS offer


BHUBANESWAR: The state government’s attempt to shift the alleged victim of the Pipili gang rape to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi came a cropper on Sunday after the girl’s father refused to give his consent.

Pipili tehsildar Abani Patnaik said he had gone to the girl’s village to take her father’s consent in writing, but the latter showed him the door. “For some strange reason, her father refused to cooperate with me. He refused to put his signature on a paper as mark of his consent,” Patnaik told TOI. “I could do nothing but to return. He, however, assured me to call back on Monday,” he added.

Authorities at SCB Medical College and Hospital, where the girl is battling for her life, had taken the decision of shifting her to the AIIMS for better treatment on Saturday. The doctors attending on her said the victim, who is in the ICU ward, was showing slight improvement, but her condition was still very critical.

Patnaik said the state government would not only bear the expenses of her treatment at AIIMS, but is also ready to pay for the flight tickets of the victim and an attendant (her relative). The Puri district collector had asked the tehsildar to take her father’s consent for sending her to AIIMS and name a relative, who would accompany her to Delhi. “I urged him to select a person, who should accompany her in the flight. Accordingly the government would book the flight tickets. But he refused to give permission,” Patnaik said. “Had he agreed, his daughter would have been flown to Delhi,” he added.

The hospital authorities also expressed surprise as to why her father was dilly-dallying when his daughter’s condition was critical. “We made all arrangements to shift her to AIIMS. Apart from her relative, a doctor and nurse would accompany her in the flight. But we need permission from her parents to shift her to Delhi,” said Srikant Mohapatra, administrative officer of SCB Medical College and Hospital.

“We are providing the best possible treatment to the victim, but we decided to refer her to AIIMS as it is better equipped to deal with such cases,” Dr D N Moharana, SCB superintendent said. A report in this regard will also be submitted in the Orissa high court. The court had earlier directed Capital Hospital here to refer the victim to the SCB because of lack of super-speciality treatment facilities to tackle neurological and psychological disorders in the Bhubaneswar hospital.


Dalit rape: Polygraph test on prime accused- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit rape: Polygraph test on prime accused


BHUBANESWAR: Crime Branch today conducted a polygraph test on the main accused in the sensational rape and attempt to murder case of a Dalit girl even as the Odisha government provided financial assistance of Rs 75,000 to the victim’s family.
“Polygraph test has been conducted at the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Bhubaneswar with due permission of the court,” said Crime Branch DSP Ramesh Sethy, adding that Prasanta Pradhan was sent to judicial custody after the test.
Though a total of four persons had been arrested for the crime that took place on November 28 last year, the probe agency chose Prasanta Pradhan for the lie detection test, the official said. Pradhan was in police custody for five days twice.
The Crime Branch conducted the polygraph test on Pradhan as it has to submit a status report on the investigation into the matter at the High Court on January 25.
In another development, District Welfare Officer, Puri, Kali Prasad Das visited SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack and handed over two cheques worth Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 to Amulya Behera, the brother of the victim.
Meanwhile, the hospital authorities today started music therapy for the victim whose brain cell are dormant after the November 2011 incident, hospital superintendent D N Moharana said.

NewsUpdates 26.01.12

Dalit women face three-fold discrimination from birth- WNN



Dalit women face three-fold discrimination from birth


(WNN) Opinion Bhuj, India: There are two Indias, and Dalit women have learned to survive in both these worlds. Take a look at two related but opposing headlines in The Hindu last month.

January 5, 2012: Dalit woman sarpanch emerges as poster girl for gender issues

January 11, 2012: Dalit woman paraded naked in Chavan’s hometown

The former is a story of a community leader working to create a model village in Bikaner, Rajasthan by addressing gender inequalities. Her story is even more powerful due to the fact that she did not attain her seat as part of the reservation quota for Dalit women in the legislature. Under Tara Devi’s leadership, maternal and infant mortality has decreased significantly, there have been no cases of girls dropping out of school, and there are 1,014 girls to every 982 boys (this ratio can not be found even in the progressive state of Kerala).

The latter is a story of an upper class girl eloping with a Dalit boy. The mother of the boy was then stripped naked and beaten in her hometown by the girl’s powerful family. Cases like this one are all too common despite the 1989 passage of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Five people, including the girl’s parents, were arrested, but incidents of violence against Dalits continue to be commonplace.

Dalits, previously known as Untouchables, constitute one-fourth of the Indian population. They consist of many different castes with varying practices, beliefs, and languages. The government of India refers to Dalits as Scheduled Castes, and has ensured their rights within the Constitution. Yet the rights enshrined on a piece of paper are not an indication of facts on the ground.

This is especially true for Dalit women, who simply for being born as such, are discriminated three-fold by society. They face caste discrimination as they are outside the caste system altogether, they face gender discrimination in a country that already values the boy child over the girl, and they face class discrimination as they are at the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum.

The caste, gender, and class they are born into condemn these women to a lifetime of discrimination that is almost impossible to overcome. Combined, these factors increase the likelihood of having an unpaid or underpaid labor intensive job in the unorganized sector (outside the realm of government regulation). It increases the rate of sex selective abortions within the population. In fact, the sex ratio of women to men in India is a dismal 927/1000, but among Dalits it is even lower at 922/1000. Furthermore, Dalit women have a life expectancy of only 50 years due to inadequate access to health care.

But there is also another side to India and to Dalit women that I can attest to after living and working alongside them – one that says, “impossible is nothing.”

I lived with a Dalit family in Kutch, Gujarat, an arid region on the Northwest coast bordering Pakistan. I learned from them that living on less than 2 dollars a day does not necessarily make you unhappy. It just means you are forced to find a way to live your life with far fewer opportunities than others. I can see that this lack of opportunity is precisely what makes them so resilient, because they have had to create structures and opportunities for themselves.

There are some Rabari women (traditionally of the herding caste) in my village that still avoid touching Dalit women when they go to collect water together, or they wash the tap after it is touched by a Dalit. If a Rabari woman does touch a Dalit by mistake, she will immediately go home and wash herself so as not to let the contamination spread.

Now juxtapose this image with one where respect is shown in the Kutchi Dalit community by an elder when he or she touches a young girl’s hair with both hands extended (instead of by the young girl bowing down to touch the elder’s feet like you will see in almost every Bollywood movie).

Perhaps it is what Charles Tilly would call a hidden transcript – a silent defiance within the community for all that would refer to them as untouchable. Perhaps it has something to do with a young girl being told too many times that she needs to bow down to the rest of society, and this is that one miscreant act that declares otherwise. Perhaps it is a coincidence. Perhaps it is not.

Either way – I spent a year living and working alongside Dalit women in rural India. And all I know is I value that elder’s gentle touch on my head.

News Updates 02.02.12

Interim relief ordered for rape victim – The Hindu


The Hindu

Interim relief ordered for rape victim


Special Correspondent

The National Human Rights Commission has asked the Bihar government to pay an interim relief of Rs.5 lakh to a woman, who was raped by a Home Guard at a police outpost in Bagah village of Champaran West.

The Chief Secretary should send to the NHRC the proof of payment within four weeks and the district authorities should inform it whether the victim belonged to SC/ST community. The incident occurred on March 4, 2011.

The Commission took cognisance of the case on a complaint by one Prabir Kumar Das on July 11. In response to the Commission’s proceedings and notices, Bihar had informed that the Home Guard was arrested and court proceedings were initiated against him. The process for termination of his services was also in progress.

The Assistant Sub-Inspector of the police outpost was suspended and departmental proceedings initiated against him. This is said to be the first time in recent times that the Commission had ordered an interim relief of as high as Rs.5 lakh to a rape victim.

NewsUpdates 03.02.12

Police directed to probe torture of dalit girl in Bijapur- Deccan Herald


Deccan Herald

Police directed to probe torture of dalit girl in Bijapur


Bangalore,Feb3, 2012, (PTI)

Karnataka Government today directed police to probe the alleged torture of a dalit girl in Bijapur district recently and promised that stringent action would be taken against the guilty.
Replying to the issue raised by Srinivas Prasad (Cong) during zero hour in the state assembly, Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda agreed that the girl’s torture was an “inhuman act” and asserted that government would not tolerate such incidents.
Prasad alleged that in Boodihal village of Bijapur district, the owner of a land had tied the girl to a tree and tortured her after she cut some ‘jowar’ plants to feed her cattle.
He refused to release the girl despite her pleas and also other dalits.
According to reports, Ninganna Biradar fled when police arrived on the scene and set the girl free.
Gowda said that police have been asked to submit a report and action will be taken after receiving it.
He said the government has also directed the Mandya district police to investigate the recent honour killing of a girl by her family members.

News Updates 04.02.12

Man ties Dalit girl to a tree for 4 hrs for grazing sheep – DNA



Man ties Dalit girl to a tree for 4 hrs for grazing sheep


Published: Friday, Feb 3, 2012, 11:19 IST

By DNA Correspondent | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Nirmala Kantappa, a 14-year-old Dalit girl from Budihal PH village in Bijapur district, was tied to a tree by a man because she stole grass from his land on Thursday.

Nirmala, whose family owns a few sheep, was allegedly caught grazing her sheep at Nigamu Biradar’s land. Biradar, in retaliation, tied her to a tree at 8.30am.

Biradar was enraged as he he had caught Nirmala grazing sheep on his land. He decided to teach her a ‘lesson’ this time by tying her to a tree. At 12.30pm, one of the villagers called the Sindagi police station and intimated them about the incident. A police team arrivedat the scene at 12.45pm and released the girl. Biradar, however, fled the scene. The girl was not admitted to a hospital as she did not sustain injuries. The police station dispatched four teams to nab iradar, who was caught on Thursday night. “We believe that it was not Biradar’s intention to bring harm to this girl in any way. He just wanted to show the rest of the villagers that he had caught the thief red-handed. The photograph of the girl being tied up was actually taken by her father, who then circulated it to the media. We will investigate this case further,” said SP DP Rajappa.

News Updates 08.02.12

Upper caste men brand Dalit sarpanch’s daughter-in-law “witch” – The Hindu


The Hindu

Upper caste men brand Dalit sarpanch’s daughter-in-law “witch”


Smriti Kak Ramachandran

When Norti Bai, sarpanch of Harmara in Rajasthan, refused to give in to the demands of upper caste men in her village, her daughter-in-law Ram Peari was branded a “witch.” The villagers called for Peari’s “social boycott” and excommunication.

In Alwar district in the State, Sunita Bairwa of Bahedakhah was assaulted because the upper castes were unhappy about a Dalit being elevated to sarpanch.

These and similar testimonies were shared at a day-long public hearing on caste bias and atrocities faced by Dalit elected representatives, held here on Tuesday. Organised by the All-India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, the event highlighted the stories of discrimination and violence against Dalit women elected representatives from in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

“It took us days to get the police to file a complaint. I was victimised because we are from the lower caste and my mother-in-law was doing some good work for the village. The upper caste men could not tolerate it, they wanted her to toe their line and when she refused to, they accused me of being a witch and of performing black magic on another woman,” said Ram Peari.

Most elected representatives facing harassment complained that the police and the administration were also not supporting them. “As chairperson of the district council of Aurangabad, I am not even kept informed of the day-to-day functioning. When I raise important issues, I am told that because of my caste, I will not even be heard,” complained Ranju Devi from Bihar.

In her village, she alleged, her husband was beaten up by upper caste men who objected to her candidature.

No change in status

Syeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission, who addressed the hearing, said the status of the Dalit women representative was same as it was years ago. The Centre and State governments would have to work collectively for the empowerment of Dalit women and there was need for a multisectoral approach to development and proper implementation of policies, she said.

Following the testimonies, a jury put forth certain recommendations. They called for establishing a special office in each district to act as a support mechanism for Dalit, Adivasi and women panchayat presidents. The office should provide advice, training and information as well as monitor the performance of duties and interventions by others such as panchayat members and government officials.

The special office should mediate and resolve problems encountered by panchayat representatives.

In another recommendation, the jury said the State Election Commissions should set up a fund to provide basic financial support towards election cost to Dalits, Adivasis and women in general falling within a stipulated low household income bracket.

It called for setting up an autonomous statutory directorate for all reserved panchayats at the State level, headed by a Dalit, Adivasi woman IAS officer, and assistant directorates at the district level, headed by a Dalit/Adivasi woman officer below the rank of IAS, to function under the directorate. These two institutions should fall under the jurisdiction of the Legislative Assembly through the Governor. They should monitor and review the pre and post-election performance of the reserved panchayats, and submit annual reports to the Assembly.

The jury called for mandating the National and State Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Women’s Commissions with sufficient powers, funds and staff to specifically inquire into political obstruction or violence committed against Dalit women and men, Adivasis and other women elected representatives.

A resolution to strengthen the legal framework such as the SC/ST (POA) Act, 1989, and enforcement agencies particularly those focussing on Dalit women was passed.

NewsUpdates 09.02.12

Pipili gang rape victim stable: SCB- The Times Of India


Minor girl abducted for ‘human sacrifice’- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Pipili gang rape victim stable: SCB


CUTTACK: The condition of Pipili gang rape victim is stable, the SCB Medical College and Hospital authorities told the Orissa high court on Wednesday. In a status report on the health of the 19-year-old victim, they said her blood pressure was normal and all her vital organs stable.

The report stated that the hospital has started allied treatment procedures like music therapy and sleep disorder treatment for the victim’s recovery. A music therapy specialist, Dr Lakshmidhar Roul, and sleep disorder specialist from VSS Medical College and Hospital have been roped in for the victim’s treatment.

The hospital authorities are regularly taking the advice of neurologists from AIIMS through video conferencing and treating the patient accordingly. The hospital authorities also informed the court that noted neurologist Dr Bhawani Shankar Das has said that the girl’s recovery is slow because she is suffering from irreversible brain damage. The neurologist has also stated that the extent and time of recovery of the patient cannot be predicted.

Similarly, the crime branch also submitted a status report on the investigation before the division bench of Chief Justice V Gopala Gowda and Justice B N Mohapatra. It informed the court that all four accused have been arrested and lodged in Nimapada jail. Also, the polygraph test of the main accused, Prasant Pradhan alias Pasei, has been conducted.

“The high court has adjourned hearing of the case to February 7 and directed the SCB hospital authorities and crime branch to file status report on that day,” said petitioner Prabir Das.

Meanwhile, two PILs were filed in the high court on Wednesday seeking CBI probe into the incident. One of the PILs has been filed by Congress leader and former MLA of Pipili Yudhistir Samantray and while the second one has been filed by a social organization, Nationalist Lawyers’ Forum.

Samantray has alleged that judicial inquiry ordered by the state government is just an “eye-wash”and demanded a CBI inquiry into the entire incident. He has also prayed for a compensation of Rs 20 lakh for the victim. The petitioner has also demanded stringent action against the erring government officials.

The Times Of India

Minor girl abducted for ‘human sacrifice’


man and his son were today arrested for allegedly abducting a minor girl for “bali” ( human sacrifice), police said.

Nathulal Martha and his son Rajesh kidnapped the five- year-old girl, Bhumika, from their neighbourhood in Durganagar here. They were arrested last evening, a police official said.

The victim’s father, Ghanshyam, alleged in his FIR that his daughter, who was missing since afternoon, was abducted by the duo for the purpose of “bali” (human sacrifice), he said.

Police were ascertaining the exact reason behind the kidnapping, the official added.

News Updates 24.02.12

Woman ‘gangraped’ in Ludhiana, 7 bookedIndian Express


Indian Express

Woman ‘gangraped’ in Ludhiana, 7 booked


Express news service : Ludhiana, Fri Feb 24 2012, 03:50 hrs

The Moga police has booked four youth for allegedly raping a 35-year-old Dalit in Ludhiana’s Vishva-karma Nagar. Three women have also been booked.

An FIR has bee registered under Sections 376, 34 and 109 of the IPC against the accused, all of whom are absconding, said ASI Malook Singh.

The victim had alleged that on February 20, three women — Manjit Kaur, Nanni and Manju — invited her to their residence to help solve a dispute that she had with the four youth in question. She was offered a cup of tea. After she had the tea, she lost consciousness.

The victim added that after regaining consciousness, she realised that the four youth — Manna, Shaama, Roshan Singh and Kewal Singh — had gangraped her.

News Updates 29.02.12

Dalit girl raped in UP – Zee News


Zee News

Dalit girl raped in UP


Last Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 13:13

Gonda: A dalit girl was allegedly held captive and raped by two youths in Khargupur area here, police said on Wednesday.

The victim was allegedly abducted on February 25 evening and raped by two youths, Deputy Superintendent of Police Vinod Kumar Pandey said today.

She was also held captive for three days, her family alleged in the FIR registered yesterday.

He said that the complainant has named fathers of two accused in the FIR of which one has been detained and interrogated. PTI

News Updates 03.03.12

Minor girl gang-raped in Betul, 3 held – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Minor girl gang-raped in Betul, 3 held


TNN | Mar 3, 2012, 07.40AM IST

BHOPAL: In another incident of crime against women in Betul district in the state, a minor dalit girl, a middle school student, was gang-raped. Betul, the tribal dominated district, has been in the news owing to recent sudden spurt of crimes against women that is causing tremendous worry to the BJP government in the state.

Police said the incident took place at Kalyanpur village, about 10 kms from district headquarters of Betul when three accused caught the 15-year-old girl as she stepped out of her house to go to the fields at around 9 pm and dragged her to the nearby fields and gang raped her.

After the girl returned home, her parents reached the district headquarters and reported the matter to the special police station meant for dealing with the crimes against scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Police swung into action and arrested three youth — Deepak, Dilip and Nandu. All the accused were produced before a local court, which remanded them to judicial custody.
Police said the accused have been charged under the Section 376 of the IPC and under the provisions of the Schedule Castes and the Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act).

The deputy inspector general of police (Hoshangabad range) Anil Gupta and Betul district superintendent of police Bhagwant Singh Chouhan interrogated the accused.

After a recent incident of gang rape near Indore, involving 18 accused, similar incidents of sexual crimes against women are being reported from across the state.

The opposition Congress has been alleging that the law and order situation was deteriorating in the state.

News Updates 04.03.12

Dalit women of Jharkhand being forced into false marriages – Deccan Chronicle


Deccan Chronicle

Dalit women of Jharkhand being forced into false marriages


March 4, 2012 , ANI

Sunita Kumari, a twelve year old Dalit girl from Balthar Mod, Jharkhand, a student of class seven, was forced into marriage not once but twice. Her first tie-up was at the age of seven with a mentally challenged person residing in the nearby Siktia village.

Soon after the marriage Sunita escaped from the trap and the first thing she did after coming back was to request her mother to let her study and not tie her up again with some stranger. But to her penniless mother, her cries did not make the impact.

Kamal Mahto, a middle man and the conspirator behind the plot, with the help of one Baby Devi, arranged for Sunita’s marriage with Danshram of Rath village of Hameed Pur district in Uttar Pradesh against a’small amount’ of Rs. 50,000. Sunita overheard the conversation and with the help of her friend alerted the villagers who informed the police and raided Mahto’s house. All those involved were arrested and Sunita could be saved.

But not everyone will be as lucky as Sunita as there are many more Kamal Mahto’s roaming freely in the rural hamlets of the state.

Jharkhand is one of the worst affected states in India and the fact is confirmed by the governmental agencies, the National Commission for Women, the National Human Rights Commission, and various reputed NGOs. When it comes to women and child trafficking, it has become one of the fastest growing forms of criminal activity in the region.

In the villages of Santal, the most vulnerable victims are the teenage daughters of destitute Dalits and Santal Adiwasi community. In the guise of marriage, the middle- men sell these girls to aged men who take them to states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi. To hide it from the villagers, fake ceremonies are carried out and innocent girls are compelled to move to the other states, never to come back again.

This infamous phenomenon of coerced marriages has spread its roots in the region over a decade and at present has affected each and every district, block of Santal Paragana Division. With no voice being raised at the social or administrative level, the innocent girls continue to suffer.

Two girls from Dhajapada village, Masanjor Thana, Dumka disappeared two years ago and so far, there have been no news related to them. Similarly, four girls disappeared from Dhowandgal village. In Ranishwar Thana region, parents of about 15-20 girls are waiting for their daughters to come back.

For Shambhu Kapri of Jama Dharmpur the wait is of several years now. A labourer by profession, Shambhu after the death of his wife was worried how to bring up four small kids. The eldest daughter was 14 years old. One day, one of his relatives proposed to marry off his daughter to a ‘good’ man. The man was of Shambhu’s age but helplessness got its way and the eldest girl was married.

While narrating this unfortunate incident, Shambhu had tears in his eyes – “I overlooked everything. The happiness of seeing my daughter in good clothes and jewellery was the only emotion I could feel. Unknowingly, I sold my daughter to that cruel man. Today, I am clueless, helpless – please bring my daughter back.”

The disappearance of over 200 girls from various villages of Santal indicates the gravity of the issue whose network spans from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab and Haryana. The agents keep a track of the impoverished families and a whole web is created to trap the females of such families. They give money to the families in pretext of arranging the marriage and give them only a day or two so that the parents don’t even get time to ponder upon the fact that they actually are selling their daughters.

According to the dwellers, police do not take any initiative on their own and wait for the victim’s family to lodge an F.I.R. When an F.I.R. is lodged, police quickly nabs the culprit, but very few dare to file a report at the police station.

It is evident and known to all that for last one and a half decade, there has been an upsurge in the rate of human trafficking, more so in women and children in Jharkhand. It intensely affected the areas of Santal Pargana. Every year, about 100-150 girls are being sold in Delhi, Haryana and Panjab.

It is a tragedy that the local women, who mostly belong to poor families and caste, are victims. The voice raised by the non-government organizations against this human trafficking fall on deaf ears as there is rarely any solid social, political and administrative initiative taken in this regard.

If this goes on, the Charkha Development Communication Network feels, Santal Pargana will soon become a hub of false marriages and the daughters of poor Dalits and Adiwasis will be trapped in this inhuman life forever; bound to live every moment of it.

News Updates 06.03.12

Dalit girl who resisted rape murdered – The Hindu


The Hindu

Dalit girl who resisted rape murdered


  1. V. Srividya

A 12-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly murdered after she resisted rape by two caste Hindu boys at Sirkazhi on Friday.

The body of the Standard VII student was found hanging from her dupatta in a grove in Melathenpadhi village.

She had complained of taunts by the caste Hindu boys to her mother. The accused, one of them a 19 year-old and the other aged 16 years, have been arrested.

In the aftermath of the murder, there were attempts by the local media and the police to malign the girl.

“It is a clear case of atrocity against a Dalit girl, and of attempted rape and brutal murder,” said Mr. Kathir, executive director of Evidence, a Madurai-based Dalit human rights organisation. An autopsy report is awaited.

“She did mention about taunts by some boys on her way to school and back. What can we do now? But won’t you people help us to get justice?” asked Raju, the father of the girl, who is a labourer. The Hindu could not talk to her mother, a domestic worker.

According to Evidence, which supplemented the police report with a fact-finding study, the murder comes in the wake of dismal statistics of atrocities against Dalits within two months into 2012. The State has already witnessed 27 murders of Dalits, including nine committed by caste Hindus.

Following are the statistics under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1980. In 2007, 1,359 cases were registered, with 54 murders and 35 rapes recorded; in 2008, 1,545 cases with 34 murders and 30 rapes registered; in 2009, 1,264 cases with 27 murders and 30 rapes registered; in 2010, 1633 cases with 22 murders and 24 rapes were registered.

The figures for 2011 are yet to be released. However, according to a sample study of 336 cases filed under SC/ST Act done by Evidence, 44 Dalit murders were registered. Eight of the victims were aged under 16 years.

They were raped before being murdered.

News Updates 13.03.12

Dalit minor gang-raped in Betul, three arrestedThe Times Of India


MLA kin ‘attempts’ to outrage Dalit woman’s modesty The Pioneer


The Times Of India

Dalit minor gang-raped in Betul, three arrested


TNN | Mar 13, 2012, 02.22AM IST

BHOPAL: A 14-year-old dalit girl was gang-raped at village Chandera near Multai on March 4 and the police arrested three people for the crime in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday. Another accused, a former sarpanch, is absconding.

Police said the accused forcibly entered the girl’s house at village Chandera when she was alone and gang-raped her. The victim’s mother had gone to meet her eldest daughter when the incident took place.

The girl narrated the incident to her mother when she returned but it took almost a week for the family to muster courage to report the matter to the police. The victim accompanied by her mother reached Multai police station and lodged a complaint naming four people, including a former sarpanch.

The police arrested Arjun, Shankar Kumbi and Ashok Gond on the basis of the girl’s complaint and slapped rape charges and cases under the provisions of SC ST Atrocities Prevention Act against them. Police said accused Vasudev Gond, identified as a former sarpanch, is absconding.
In the last two months there has been a spurt in the number of cases of sexual assault on women. The police claimed that the increase in number of registered crimes was because of the prompt action being taken in lodging an FIR as soon as complaints are received.

The Pioneer

MLA kin ‘attempts’ to outrage Dalit woman’s modesty


Monday, 12 March 2012 22:34


Two persons, including a relative of the Balikuda-Erasama MLA, allegedly misbehaved with a dalit woman and made an attempt to outrage her modesty a few days back while she was returning to her house after enjoying the Dola Melan organised in the locality.

According to Balikuda IIC Sitakant Kanungo, a dalit woman of Baragudipada village of Borikina GP under Balikuda police station lodged an FIR on Sunday alleging that couple of persons of her locality made an attempt to outrage her modesty after passing casteist remarks.

The victim alleged that while she was returning to her home after seeing Dola Melan near her village a couple of days back, a fellow villager, Jatadhari Barik and his associate Damodar Baral of Borikina village, forcibly stopped her on the road and misbehaved with her by passing casteist remarks. Later, the duo allegedly made an attempt to outrage her modesty, said Kanungo.

“The duo managed to flee from the spot as my spouse and my brother-in-law rushed to the spot after I cried for help,” the woman informed the police.

According to police sources, one of the accused, Damodar Baral, is stated to be the relative of Balikuda-Erasama MLA Prashant Muduli.

Balikuda police have registered a case based on the FIR of the victim under Sections 341, 323, 506 and 34 of the IPC and Section 3(XI) of the SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocity) Act and started inquiry into the allegation.

News Updates 14.03.12

Woman killed for marrying lower caste manZee News


Rape cases against SC and ST women increasing: Govt – DNA


Zee News

Woman killed for marrying lower caste man


Last Updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 13:43

Mysore: A 27-year-old upper caste woman college lecturer was strangulated to death at her residence here by her brother for marrying a man belonging to a lower caste, police said Wednesday.

The brother is absconding and a search is on to nab him, they said.

The incident came to light after her room mate found her body on her return from Kochi.

The woman’s husband, a Dalit, said he knew her for seven years and they got married at the sub-registrar’s office here on November 23. “We tried in vain to convince our family to perform a marriage as per Hindu traditions,”he told reporters.

The man,an assistant physical education director at Tumkur University, said they were living separately.”I stay in Tumkur while my wife, who worked in Chamarajanagar, lived here. I came to know about the murder from her friend.”

Police said the brother, a city resident since 2009 came to her home at around 11 PM last night in an inebirated state, locked her inside a room and berated her over the marriage, saying the family were on the lookout for an alliance for her and later strangulated her.

Her grandmother, who was staying with her, had gone to bed in another room by the time he left about three hours later, they said.

Police said the woman had also told her grandmother and her family about her love for the man.



Rape cases against SC and ST women increasing: Govt


Published: Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012, 22:26 IST Place: New Delhi | Agency: PTI

Incidences of rape of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) women by non SC/STs has been increasing, Minister of State for Home Jitendra Singh informed the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

Citing data provided by National Crime records Bureau (NCRB), he said in a written reply that in 2008, 2009 and 2010, a total of 1,457, 1,346 and 1,349 cases of rape of SC women by non-SCs and total of 585, 583 and 654 cases of rape of ST women by non-STs were registered in the country.

Singh said the government attached the highest importance to the prevention and control of crime against SCs and STs and women.

“Ministry of Home Affairs has sent detailed advisories dated April 1, 2010 and September 4, 2009 on crimes against SC/ST and women respectively to all states and union territories,” said Singh.

News Updates 17.03.12

Dalit woman atrocity case: Police officer suspended – Zee News


Ghaziabad gangrape was ‘planned’, three in net – The Hindustan Times


Zee News

Dalit woman atrocity case: Police officer suspended


Last Updated: Friday, March 16, 2012, 19:25

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government on Friday announced suspension of the concerned officer of Patan tehsil police station at Mulgaon in Satara district for his inaction in connection with parading of a Dalit woman naked in January this year.

“The concerned officer, who showed laxity in registering a case against the accused, is suspended,” Minister of State for Home, Satej Patil, said in the Legislative Council.

The government was serious about the issue and was not shielding anybody, he added.

The woman was allegedly paraded naked by members of an upper caste family after her son eloped with a girl from the family.

Shiv Sena MLC Diwakar Raote said, “Why the opposition had to demand his suspension, when the incident had occurred three months ago?”

The government should have registered a case against the officer on its own rather than waiting for the discussion to take place in the house, Raote said.

“Suspending the officer will not serve any purpose…he should be dismissed from his service,” he said. PTI

The Hindustan Times

Ghaziabad gangrape was ‘planned’, three in net


Peeyush Khandelwal, Hindustan Times

Ghaziabad, March 16, 2012

Last Updated: 23:09 IST(16/3/2012)

Three of the four accused who had allegedly kidnapped and gangraped a 20-year-old Dalit woman in a moving car last Tuesday were arrested on Friday. The crime was allegedly planned by the victim’s neighbour and friend Vinay Sharma and his three accomplices, police said. They allegedly forced the woman consume alcohol and took turns to rape her in a car.

Yadav was nominated as state secretary of the labour wing of a political party in October 2011. Senior party leaders said his nomination was cancelled ahead of the UP assembly polls.

Police probe revealed that Sharma, who works with a BPO firm in Sector 63, Noida, hosted a party at his residence where he and his friends planned to take the woman out on the pretext of watching a film. He reportedly took her to his office in Patwari village, Greater Noida.

“We made her consume alcohol and Yadav drove away with her in his car. When he returned, we boarded the car and drove around the city and exploited her,” Vinay is believed to have told the police. The car in which the crime was committed had tinted glasses and bears the flag of a political party.

The victim managed to jump off from the car after three hours when the accused halted to buy water from a shop in Sector 51, Noida, police said.

News Updates 27.03.12
Teachers sacked for stripping girls in exam hall – The Hindu


The Hindu
Teachers sacked for stripping girls in exam hall


Two women teachers, who allegedly forced two Dalit girls to strip in an examination hall on the suspicion that they were hiding material for copying, have been given notice for termination of service.
The deputy in charge of the examination centre has been served suspension notice.
The incident occurred at the Government Middle School, Barahbada, on March 15 during Class X examinations. The teachers, Preeti Sharma and Reshma Sonia, had allegedly asked the two girls to strip, though male students were also present in the exam hall.
The District Education Officer (DEO) served the termination notice on the two teachers and the suspension notice on the deputy in charge of the centre J.K. Naihar, sources said.
The police have registered a case against the accused charging them with relevant sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

News Updates 05.04.12

Dalit girl attempts suicide after rape – The Times Of India


Dalit women branded witches, beaten; cops file case 2 weeks later – The Hindustan Times


The Times Of India

Dalit girl attempts suicide after rape


TNN | Apr 5, 2012, 02.54AM IST

JAIPUR: Relatives of a rape victim had a harrowing time before the police finally lodged an FIR and recorded the girl’s statement on Wednesday.

A 16-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped at Jasti ka Bagh village in Sikar district on Tuesday evening. Following the incident, the girl attempted suicide by setting herself on fire.

The victim, a Class IX student, was returning from school when she was abducted by one Rajaram who allegedly raped her and left her at an isolated place. Later, the girl after reaching home set herself on fire.

“She was rushed to Sawai Man Singh hospital and is undergoing treatment at the burn ward. The police in our village did not bother to register an FIR,” said a relative of the girl.

On Wednesday morning, the victim’s kin informed the police chowki near the hospital, who informed the Moti Doongri police, who in turn asked the Neem ka Thana police station to register a complaint. In the entire process, the complaint was registered only by evening.

Later, police commissioner and senior officers intimated the Sikar police about the incident. A magistrate has also recorded the statement of the victim.

Meanwhile, chairperson of state women’s commission Lad Kumari Jain also visited the girl at the hospital and assured justice for her family. According to the hospital, the girl has sustained 70 % burn injuries and chances of her survival are very slim.

The Hindustan Times

Dalit women branded witches, beaten; cops file case 2 weeks later


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Bhilwara, April 04, 2012

Last Updated: 00:00 IST(5/4/2012)

Two weeks after Bhilwara district’s Guwardi village witnessed a case of “witch-hunt”, the local police stirred themselves to file an FIR.

On March 17, a 50-year-old Dalit woman and her daughter-in-law were beaten up by 11 men who had labelled them “witches”. The men had barged into the house when the rest of the family was away. The violence was the fallout of a long-standing property dispute.

But not only was the FIR lodged as late as April 2, Ganpat — son of Ramu Bai and husband of Ladi Devi — said the police had done their best to deter him from filing a complaint.

“The men called them witches, thrashed them and asked them to leave the village,” the complaint read.

The assailants, including Ganpat’s neighbour Raju, his father Hardev Singh, are absconding.

Ganpat said the men were after his land.

After Ganpat met Bhilwara collector Onkar Singh, an FIR was ordered, but the police did not file it. “Instead, on March 25, the police told me not to pursue the case if I wanted peace,” Ganpat said.

Acting superintendent of police, Bhilwara, Rajendra Singh Chowdhury, said he was looking into the delay in filing the FIR.

News Updates 07.04.12

Dalit girl raped, three arrested in Bihar – Zee News


Banda rape victim tries to end life – The Times Of India


Madras high court order in dalit woman case – The Times Of India


Zee News

Dalit girl raped, three arrested in Bihar


Last Updated: Friday, April 06, 2012, 21:19

Sheikhpura: Three persons have been arrested for allegedly raping a Dalit girl in Bihar’s Sheikhpura district, a police officer said.

“Three accused – Dinesh Yadav, Sadhu Sav and Sudhir Yadav – were arrested from Maulanagar locality in Kasar police outpost area on the charge of gangraping the Dalit woman last night. The police action followed a complaint by the victim with the police station,” Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Santosh Kumar said.

Kumar said the three accused stopped the Dalit girl at an isolated place near the Kaurihari river and attacked her.

She was returning to her village with other family members after visiting a fair in Farpar village, Kumar said.

“A medical examination on the girl confirmed that she was raped,” Kumar said. PTI

The Times Of India

Banda rape victim tries to end life


TNN | Apr 7, 2012, 06.18AM IST

LUCKNOW: Sheelu, who was allegedly raped by BSP MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi more than a year ago, tried to commit suicide by consuming a dye on Friday. Family dispute was reported to be the reason for her taking the extreme step.

The 18-year-old was taken to Banda district hospital where her state was reported to be critical. Locals in Banda said that Sheelu had a tiff with her father, Acche Lal, a month ago. She in fact left the house in village Shahbaazpur in Naraini block and moved to main Banda city where she was living in a rented room along with her younger brother.

Police who used to keep a constant vigil on her too moved to Banda city. On Friday, she once again entered into a heated argument with her father and brother. Thereafter she consumed the dye. Sheelu was rushed to the Banda district hospital soon. Later, officials from the Banda administration too reached the hospital to take stock of the situation.

The Times Of India

Madras high court order in dalit woman case


TNN | Apr 7, 2012, 03.08AM IST

MADURAI: Setting aside an order of a trial court discharging a senior official of the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment (HR&CE) Department from a case registered against him for making unsavoury remarks against a dalit woman staff, the Madurai bench of the Madras high court directed the court to proceed with framing of charges and trial of the case and dispose the case as expeditiously as possible avoiding unnecessary adjournments.

In his order on a revision petition filed by the woman challenging the lower court order, Justice P R Shivakumar pointed out the trial court judge had committed a grave error in coming to the conclusion that no prima facie case had been made out for the offences and the order of the trial court discharging him is erroneous.

S P Shanthi, a dalit, was working as superintendent of the audit wing of HR&CE, at Madurai. On January 27 and 30, 2009, Balakrishnan, regional audit officer and Sivanesan, deputy chief audit officer conducted an inspection at the Meenakshiamman temple, Madurai. In her complaint, she alleged that during the course of the inspection, Balakrishnan made unsavoury remarks by pointing to the dress worn by her and also about her caste. Following the incident, the woman staffer preferred the criminal complaint.

The case was investigated by the Madurai city police, who filed a charge-sheet against the duo before the trial court of the special judge under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. However, the trial court discharged Sivanesan. Hence, the state and the woman preferred the criminal revision petition in the Madurai bench seeking to set aside the trial court order. Allowing the criminal revision petitions, Justice P R Shivakumar said discharge before framing charge, shall be improper. “The order of trial court is set aside,” he said.

News Updates 13.04.12

Three rape cases in 24 hrs in Muktsar – The Tribune


The Tribune

Three rape cases in 24 hrs in Muktsar


Archit Watts/TNS

Muktsar, April 12

In Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s home district of Muktsar, three rape cases have been reported in the past 24 hours. A Dalit girl at Danewala village was allegedly abducted from her house and raped by a gang of three persons late last night. She was dropped back at her house at 6 am.

The victim has been admitted to the Civil Hospital, Malout. A case under Sections 376, 366, 452, 34 of the IPC and 27, 30, 54, 59 of the Arms Act has been registered against Jarnail Singh, Gurmeet Singh, an unidentified person and a woman accomplice. All are at large.

In another incident, a married woman of Bhuttiwala village was allegedly raped while she was working in her kitchen by a resident of the village. A case has been registered at the Kot Bhai police station.

In yet another incident, a resident of Davindera road has accused Rajinder Singh, alias Bobby, a resident of Dabwali road, of raping her. Bobby allegedly established physical ties with the victim promising that he would marry her but refused to do so later. Vakil Singh of Lambi village allegedly assaulted a girl while she was returning to Lambi from Mann village along with her brother. The accused reportedly slapped the victim’s brother.

On the complaint of the victim’s father yesterday, a case has been registered.

News Updates 15.04.12

Dalit teenager raped, killed – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit teenager raped, killed


PTI | Apr 15, 2012, 01.41PM IST

SITAPUR (UP): A 14-year-old dalit girl has been raped and killed allegedly by two persons, one of them a relative, in Imalia Sultanpur area here.

The deceased was forcibly kidnapped by Manoj and Rinku while she was sleeping with her mother outside their house in Kurka village yesterday, DSP Jitendra Srivastava said.

She was then raped and strangled to death by them, he said.

Manoj, who is a relative of the victim, has been arrested while the other accused is absconding.

News Updates 17.04.12

Pipili rape: HC seeks report on role of cops, docs – Zee News


Zee News

Pipili rape: HC seeks report on role of cops, docs


Last Updated: Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 15:48

Cuttack: Odisha High Court has directed the state crime branch to submit a report within two weeks on the criminal liability of local police and doctors for the plight of the Pipili rape victim, who is in a coma for over four and half months.

The directive followed a petition yesterday of the crime branch seeking three more weeks for investigation as an expert committee is looking into the alleged criminal negligence of doctors who treated the 19-year-old victim from November 29, 2011 to January 11, 2012.

The girl was admitted to the SCB Medical College and Hospital on January 11 this year following a direction from the HC as it was alleged that she was grossly neglected by the doctors at Pipili Hospital, Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack Hospital for which her condition deteriorated.

Civil rights activist Prabir Das, who filed a PIL in this connection, told the court that the crime branch had till date maintained a silence to ascertain the criminal liability of local police and had not yet registered any case against police inspector Amulya Kumar Champatray dismissed from service for trying to suppress the incident occurred last year.

The Superintendent of SCB Medical College and Hospital submitted a status report to the court on the girl’s present health condition.


News Updates 20.04.12

Labour court judge booked for rape, offences under Atrocity Act – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Labour court judge booked for rape, offences under Atrocity Act


TNN | Apr 19, 2012, 03.02AM IST

YAVATMAL: The Wadgaon Road police on Tuesday evening booked Atique Mohammad Khan (52), a judge of the district labour court, for allegedly raping his domestic help. The cops have also booked Khan under the Prevention of Atrocity (SC/ST) Act. Till the filing of the report, the accused was not arrested.

According to police officer Sarjerao Gaikwad, the victim (40) who hails from Pune, lodged a complaint against the judge alleging that he exploited her sexually on the pretext of marrying her.

She also accused Khan insulting her, criminal intimidation and illegal confinement at his Yavatmal residence.

“We heard the woes of the woman and since the case involves a judge, we sought advise from the chief principal district and sessions judge Bashir Sheikh and government pleader PB Gaidbile before registering a criminal offence,” said Sarjerao, adding that he booked the accused under sections 343,376, 294, 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code.

Since the victim belongs to the scheduled caste (cobbler), we booked the accused under different provisions of the prevention of atrocity (SC/ST) Act. Sarjerao added that the accused could not be arrested as he moved out of Yavatmal probably to seek anticipatory bail. The complainant is a resident of Ganeshpeth in Pune. Khan was also in Pune before he joined the legal service. He is married. His wife is a teacher in a Pune school.

The victim is married and has two children from her deceased husband. She has been working as a maid at Khan’s residence since ten years.

Taking undue advantage of the widow, Khan started sexually exploiting her on the pretext of marrying her and taking care of her kids.

In 2007, Khan was posted at Gondia as judge of the district labour court. He moved out of Pune with the victim and was in Gondia for three years. In 2010, Khan was transferred to Yavatmal and the duo stayed in a flat on Godhani Road. In June, when she insisted Khan marry her, the accused took her to Pune and left her at her mother’s house. She was confined to the house when she returned on April 11. When the victim returned to Yavatmal to take her belongings, Khan confined her to his flat and raped her. She somehow managed to escape and approached the police.

She narrated her story to PSO Gaikwad but he refused to take action as the complaint was not in writing.

It is learnt that the woman even requested the police to provide her an escort to Pune as she feared for her life but there was no response from Gaikwad.

Finally, with the help of a lawyer, she drafted a complaint and lodged the same with the police who in turn booked the Judge.

Sub divisional police officer (SDPO) Lata Fad confirmed the incident and said that she is investigating the matter. She also informed that the woman was referred to the government medical college for a medical examination. The report is awaited.

On the progress of the investigation, Fad said that since there is an offence under the Atrocity Act, she has to go into the details. She added that the judge has not been arrested.

In her complaint, the victim stated that she also informed the wife of the accused about the sexual exploitation in Pune. The accused’s wife allegedly advised her not to make the incident public but gave her the nod to marry her husband. Police said that this could be the reason why Khan’s wife allowed the victim to live with her husband in Gondia while she remained in Pune.

News Updates 23.04.12

Two booked for raping Dalit girl- The Times Of India


Bangalore woman delivers baby on road, dies- The Times Of India


Pipili probe: Conflicting reports baffle government- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Two booked for raping Dalit girl


BHANDARA: A rape case was filed against two youths from a backward class by the victim’s mother at Lakhni police station on Saturday. The youths confessed to their guilt during interrogation and were booked under sections 376 and 3(1) (12) of Prevention of Atrocities on SC/ST Act of Indian Penal Code.

According to the complaint, the teenaged victim was raped by two youths in the jungle. The victim was also from Dalit community studying in a school in Lakhni. She was taken to the jungle of Kesalwada in Khutsawari, 10km from Lakhni, by Pramod alias Kalya Bawankule (22) and Kartik Borkar (19), both residents of Murmadi village.

The victim’s mother said that the youths gave her some tablets to make her unconscious and raped her. They also took her pictures during the act and sent them to their friends via Bluetooth. The mother came to know of the obscene pictures after four months of the incident.

Assistant superintendent of police Dr Abhinav Deshmukh said, “Such incidents happen in rural areas but most cases are not reported due to fear of defamation. A similar incident occurred in Palora village in the jurisdiction ofAdyal police station two months ago. The accused were arrested and are in jail,” he said.

The Times Of India

Bangalore woman delivers baby on road, dies


BANGALORE: Denting the city’s aspirations of emerging as a global medical tourism hub, a woman delivered a baby boy on a busy road and bled to death after she could not avail of timely medical help, at Kamalanagar in west Bangalore on Sunday.
The newborn is battling for life in Vani Vilas Hospital. The pregnant woman, believed to be in her mid-20s, appeared before a provisional shop on the Shakti Ganapati Temple Road, Kamalanagar, around 9.30am. She was accompanied by a boy and a girl, both less than four years of age. As the woman went into labour, the shopkeeper asked her if he could help her.
As the two children got her some water from the shopkeeper and tried to keep curious onlookers at bay, the woman picked up the newborn and started walking on the road, and then collapsed. Passersby rushed the unconscious woman to Ashok Hospital where doctors cut the umbilical cord of the newborn.
The doctors said the woman’s condition was serious and sent her to Vani Vilas Hospital, but she breathed her last before she reached the hospital, where doctors put the baby into the neo-natal intensive care unit. The two children accompanying the woman, meanwhile, were lost. Locals said she was Poornima, a resident of the area. She was living with her sister after her husband abandoned her. However, police did not confirm this.
Meanwhile, doctors said the newborn is in an incubator. Every baby should be kept warm and covered after birth, they pointed out. The lack of that has led to a sudden drop in his body temperature, resulting in plummeting pulse rate as well, they added. Hospital medical superintendent Some Gowda said a newborn’s first few hours are crucial but in this case everything went wrong. “The situation in which he was born wasn’t ideal. No sanitary precautions were taken. He was taken to a park later and we suspect this led to infection,” he said.
“The baby is in a critical condition and it is too early to say anything. A few hours after he was brought here, he suffered a bout of fits. We are finding it really difficult because there is no medical background on his mother. For a blood test or anything else, none of his blood relatives are around. As of now, we are trying to keep him stable,” the doctors said.
Experts believe the woman who died after giving birth to a baby boy on a pavement could have been saved if passersby had called 108 ambulance services.
“There is no dearth of healthcare facilities and shelters that take care of women in distress. We have services like ‘short-stay’ homes run by Karnataka State Social Welfare Association Board in association with the Central Social Welfare Board. We also have centres like ‘Swadhar’ and a very prompt ambulance service, ‘108’.

Citizens who noticed the woman struggling should have called 108 and she could have been saved,” said Nina P Nayak, chairperson, Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

The Times Of India

Pipili probe: Conflicting reports baffle government


BHUBANESWAR: The findings by different committees inquiring into the alleged negligence by doctors in connection with the Pipili ‘rape’ case have put the state government in a spot of bother.

A nine-member experts’ committee, which included representatives of the Directorate of Medical Education and Training (DMET), state drug management unit and professors from the three state-run medical colleges, has recently submitted its report to the government. Interestingly, the findings in this report do not match those of an earlier probe conducted by the director, health services, Upendra Sahoo.

The latest report has recommended action against some medical practitioners, but not the three doctors (two ofPipili hospital and one of Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar) against whom the government has already initiated disciplinary action, sources said.

While Upendra Sahu, in his report, had held Milan Mitra of Capital Hospital responsible for not informing police, the experts’ panel has given him a clean chit and put the onus on Kailash Sahoo, another doctor of the same hospital, sources added.

Based on Sahu’s report, the government has initiated disciplinary action against Mitra under rule 15 (procedure for imposing major penalties) read with rule 17 of Orissa Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1962. It has also taken action against Sontosh Kumar Tripathy and Jamini Bhusan Patnaik (both posted at Pipili hospital) for alleged lapse on their part in informing the police as it was a ‘medico-legal case’. The government action followedthe National Commission for Scheduled Castes recommending stringent punishment for errant medical practitioners.

The experts’ committee, on the other hand, has not found Mitra, Tripathy and Patnaik responsible in the case, and noted that Mitra need not be blamed in the case as he was not the treating doctor. In stead, it has pointed finger at Mitra’s colleague Kailash Sahoo, who was the treating doctor, sources disclosed.

Neither of the committees has found any fault in treatment, but has accused the doctors of not informing police, sources revealed. An earlier report by director, medical education and training, P K Das had given doctors of SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack, a clean chit, but the experts’ panel is said to have raised questions about why SCB authorities discharged the girl in December when she had not recovered.

The victim, who has been in coma since the alleged incident took place at Pipili on November 29, was re-admitted at SCB in January following widespread public outcry, which forced police to register a rape case on January 9 and Pipili MLA Pradeep Maharathy to step down as agriculture minister on January 19. The girl continues to be comatose, even as the crime branch of police has said the 19-year-old dalit girl was a victim of attempt to murder but there was no evidence of rape.

Another committee, headed by special secretary, health, Basant Mishra, which was mandated to suggest remedial measures to prevent occurrence of such incidents is yet to come up with its recommendations.

News Updates 25.04.12

Pipili rape case: Probe panel seeks name of doctors- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Pipili rape case: Probe panel seeks name of doctors


CUTTACK: The Justice P K Mohanty commission, which is probing into the alleged Pipili rape case, on Saturday directed the state government to submit the names of the doctors who had allegedly neglected the initial treatment of the victim at Pipili, at Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar and at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack.

The commission has also directed the state government to submit the medical records of the victim and other related documents before May 1. “Several affidavits have been filed with the commission, demanding action against the doctors for negligence in treating the victim. Taking note of the allegations, the commission has directed the state government to submit the names of the doctors and documents related to the treatment of the victim,” saidsecretary of the judicial commission.

So far, the commission has received 22 affidavits in the matter. Among others, relatives of the victim, villagers of Pipili, former MLA of Pipili Yudhisthir Samantray and some lawyers have filed affidavits. The father and the uncle of the victim in their affidavits have alleged that the doctors and local police officers had grossly neglected the victim. The next hearing of the commission will be held on May 1.

Notably, the 19-year-old girl was allegedly raped in November 2011 for being a court witness in a molestation case and the rapists had also tried to kill her by strangulation. Since then, the victim is in a semi-coma state and is at present undergoing treatment at the ICU of SCB Medical College and Hospital.

News Updates28.04.12

Girl raped, murdered in Kanpur- The Times OF India


The Times OF India

Girl raped, murdered in Kanpur


KANPUR: A 16-year-old girl was abducted on gun-point, raped and murdered by her neighbour in Kripalpur village, situated under the jurisdiction of Jahanabad police in Fatehpur district on Wednesday night.

The girl had gone to see the ‘jaimal’ ceremony of the daughter of Ram Pratap in the same village.

She was abducted by her neighbour Rajesh on gun-point. He took her to an isolated spot, raped and strangulated her to death.

A few hours later, when she did not turn up, her parents launched a hunt. The girl’s body was recovered from the fields in the outskirts of the village on Thursday morning.

The police launched a manhunt for Rajesh and arrested him from the outskirts of the village. The girl’s family members lodged a named FIR against Rajesh, who was found loitering in the vicinity of ‘jaimal’ ceremony venue on Wednesday evening. The police also recovered a country-made gun from his possession. He was sent to jail.

Superintendent of police RK Chaturvedi said that the accused, who was arrested on Thursday morning, had confessed his involvement in the crime.

The body of the girl was sent for post-mortem examination. It bore multiple injury marks on head, throat and eyes. She died possibly due to strangulation.

News Updates 29.04.12

Hapless Dalit girl child a victim of superstition – The Hindu


Pregnant minor girl says she was raped at gunpoint- Zee News


The Hindu

Hapless Dalit girl child a victim of superstition


The life of the five-year-old Dalit girl was sacrificed based on the superstitious belief that the sprinkling of her blood at the construction site will give the proposed structure life and enduring strength.

Rajalakshmi, daughter of poor agriculture laborers Thotthan and Annakili of Kachakatti, was killed on new moon day. The state of the body and the manner in which the child was murdered had sent shockwaves among the villagers.

Construction sacrifice

Dalit activists who spoke about the issue said that as the victims of human sacrifice were often strangers or marginal members of the community the practice was rarely challenged. It was based on “construction sacrifice,” a practice done during the execution of building projects.

There are two categories: a sacrifice made to please supernatural possessors of the land for obtaining the title of the land; and another to bring the proposed structure to life by warding off evil spirits. This case belonged to the second category.

PUCL, CPI (ML)’s role

A People’s Union for Civil Liberties team led by R. Murali, principal, Madura College, found that the murder could have had no economic or social reason as all people in the colony were Dalits.

Mr. Murali said that they concluded that it must have been a case of human sacrifice as the child was found missing a day before Amavasai. Also, a person who indulged in black magic in the area was missing since the day of the murder. The PUCL found that there was not a single drop of blood in the body and the flesh near the child’s face had been cut using a sharp weapon.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) demanded Rs.10 lakh compensation for the family of the victim.

  1. Mathivanan, district secretary, CPI (ML), said those protecting the offenders and destroying evidence should be brought to book. The government should take strong action to end ensure that no one involved in such practices hereafter.

Zee News

Pregnant minor girl says she was raped at gunpoint


Muzaffarnagar: A 12-year-old Dalit girl was raped at gunpoint and was found pregnant a month later in Muzaffarnagar district, police said on Saturday.
A youth identified as Yograj had raped the minor girl at gun-point on March 11 at Kumhara village, under Kakroli police station, threatening her of dire consequences if she revealed it to anyone.

However, the girl told her parents a month later about the incident after she found herself to be pregnant, police said.

A case has been registered and a hunt is on to nab the absconding accused, police added.

News Updates 30.04.12

Three arrested in case of five-year-old girl’s murder- The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Three arrested in case of five-year-old girl’s murder


MADURAI: In a one-year-old case of human sacrifice of a five-year-old dalit girl, three persons including a key DMK functionary were arrested by the CB-CID sleuths in Madurai on Saturday.

While a father – son duo who committed the murder in January 2, 2011 died in the same year – one committed suicide and the other died of illness – based on their confession and further interrogation, police have arrested AAyub Khan (50) of Kachakatti in Vadipatti, the then DMK Vadipatti union secretary and now a general council member of the party, his associates A Murugesan (54) of Pettaipudur in Vadipatti and T Ponnuchamy (22) of Kachakatti village.

CB – CID south zone SP, S Rajeswari, said that Ayub Khan was the mastermind behind the human sacrifice and did it as a ritual before building his college in Madurai. One of the six accused in the case, Lakshmi, wife of another accused Karuppu, is on the run.

On January 2, 2011, the body of Rajalakshmi, daughter of Thottan, a daily wage labourer was found covered in a plastic bag at an abandoned cattle shed with injuries on her neck, left eye and head at Kachakatti village.

Police arrested Mahamuni (65) of the same village on suspicion. During interrogation, Mahamuni reportedly confessed to the crime. “Lakshmi had held the child’s legs and hands when Mahamuni slit her. His son Karuppu had collected the blood,” Rajeswari said.

Mahamuni was remanded and later admitted in the Government Rajaji Hospital for illness and he subsequently died on March 10, last year. Meanwhile Karuppu who was in police custody, allegedly cut his tongue and was admitted in Vadipatti government hospital. He was later transferred to Government Rajaji Hospital where he allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the second floor. The interrogation was subsequently handed over to CB – CID.

CB-CID inspector John Britto found that Rajalakshmi’s anklet was pledged in a pawn shop under a fake address. The pawn broker identified Ponnusamy who pledged the jewel the day the child went missing.

Ponnusamy confessed to have instructed Karuppu and Mahamuni to commit the murder. He in turn named Murugesan who gave him the orders. “Ponnusamy stated that Murugesan had asked him to murder the first child of any family and provide the blood of the child. He in turn convinced Karuppu and Mahamuni to do so,” police said.

“We subsequently nabbed Murugesan, who in turn alleged that it was Ayub Khan who instructed him to get 2.5 litres of blood of a child for a rituals to be performed while constructing his Royal College of Education,” Rajeswari said.

News Updates 02.05.12

Karnataka Khap panchayat ostracises 16-year-old pregnant Dalit girl – Tehelka



Karnataka Khap panchayat ostracises 16-year-old pregnant Dalit girl


Imran Khan, Tehelka, Bengaluru, Posted on 01 May 2012

Bannisorige village elders upset that she had an affair with a lower caste boy, thus “offending the family and the village”

A khap panchayat in Karnataka has ostracised a 16-year-old Dalit girl for getting pregnant by her lover. Jaya (name changed to protect identity), who works as a labourer, was slapped with a fine of Rs 10,000 by the Bannisorige village panchayat in Chamrajanagar district before banishing her. The village elders were particularly furious with Jaya for falling in love with Kumar who belongs to a caste considered lower than hers.

The incident came to light when Jaya was found begging at the Kollegal government hospital, near her village, by a local journalist. Now, seven months into her pregnancy Jaya had spent almost a month staying in the hospital compound, since she was banished from her village by the panchayat. When the matter was highlighted by the local media, the hospital authorities swung into action and admitted her as an in-patient; after nearly ignoring her for a month.

Jaya got into an intimate relationship with Kumar, who hails from the neighbouring village of Agrahara, after he promised to marry her. However, her family, who got wind of her relationship after she conceived, was furious when they realised that the boy hailed from a different caste.

The matter was reported to the village elders who held her “guilty” of “offending the family and the village” by having an affair with a boy from a lower caste. The panchayat declared her guilty and slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 and sent her out of the village.

Left to fend for herself, Jaya went to the government hospital in nearby Kollegal taluk for treatment. When the hospital authorities failed to take notice of her, Jaya started living at the corridors of the hospital and was forced to beg for food and money from the visitors at the hospital.

When contacted, the local police authorities said that despite being aware of the situation there was little they could do since no complaint had been registered. Chairperson of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Nina P Nayak told Tehelka that the commission will investigate the matter and take further action.

News Updates 04.05.12

Minor Dalit girl sent out of village for inter-caste affairThe Hindu


The Hindu

Minor Dalit girl sent out of village for inter-caste affair


  1. Krishna Kumar

A minor Dalit girl from Bannirsarige in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka was forced to leave the village by her family and local people for falling in love with a boy from a different caste and, in their view, bringing “ignominy” to the community.

Suma (name changed), 17, and pregnant, was left to fend for herself after her father and other family members threatened to commit suicide if she did not leave the house.

She was lured into a relationship by the boy from an adjoining village at a construction site where they worked. He had won Suma’s confidence after promising to marry her. He did not tell her that he was already married.

He is now absconding.

Suma’s ordeal began after her mother’s death when she was sent to her aunt’s place in Maadigara bedi in Kollegal by her father, Dasaiah. But her aunt, on learning of Suma’s pregnancy, sent her away.

Suma then went to the government hospital in Kollegal. The doctors, who learnt of Suma’s predicament, sent her to Odanadi Seva Samsthe, an NGO working for the rehabilitation of women and prevention of child trafficking, in Mysore, for assistance on Sunday.

Speaking to The Hindu, Parashurama of Odanadi and a member of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) said the girl was emaciated, anaemic and could hardly speak, but she narrated the sequence of events. “I sat with her for some time to elicit information, but the girl, being asthmatic, was gasping for breath and unable to walk.”

Suma was being treated for asthma and a certificate issued by doctors at the Kollegal hospital confirmed her pregnancy.

Lochana of the CWC in Chamarajanagar said there were conflicting reports about Suma’s banishment, and CWC staff had been sent to Bannisarige village for a probe.

Mr. Parashurama said the Chamarajanagar Rural police did not take any action as there was no case or complaint filed. But Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahadevaiah has promised to initiate action, if a complaint is filed.

Odanadi will file a complaint seeking action against the boy. “However, the larger issue of convincing the local people and her family to accept Suma will be challenging because of their misplaced sense of honour,” said Mr. Parashurama. Till then the girl will be sheltered by Odanadi with the authorisation of the CWC, he added.

News Updates 21.05.12

Gangrape victim a dalit, SC/ST Act invoked The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Gangrape victim a dalit, SC/ST Act invoked


ROHTAK: The gangrape of an 18-year-old law student of Bhagat Phool Singh Women’s University in Sonipat took a new turn on Sunday when it came to light that the girl belonged to a dalit community.

Sources said the victim, who was staying with her mother in the hostel under police protection, was still in a state of trauma.

University vice-chancellor Pankaj Mittal said that the girl was being counselled regularly. “I have talked to the girl. She is doing fine,” said Mittal.

The girl was abducted last Wednesday morning from outside the campus located at Khanpur Kalan village in Sonipat and gangraped in the nearby fields in broad daylight by four people, including the incharge of a hostel mess.

Gohana police station SHO Kanwal Singh said that police have included relevant sections under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 when they registered the FIR on Thursday night, along with abduction and gangrape charges under the IPC.

He said they were interrogating the three accused – Amit Malik, Jaipal Singh, both residents of Khanpur Kalan and Bhupender Singh of Mundlana village. The fourth accused, Vikas alias Vikki, who has been booked for criminal conspiracy had been evading arrest. Police parties were continuing to raid suspected hideouts to nab him, he added.

Meanwhile, INLD leader Ajay Chautala said would complain to SC/ST commission about the incident and would seek its intervention to bring justice to the victim girl.


TOI journalist manhandled

Rohtak: An INSO leader, assisted by some women activists, manhandled the TOI journalist outside the women’s university at Khanpur Kalan village on Saturday. He was pushed around and his t-shirt was torn by the crowd. The reporter was seeking the version of INSO leader Kunal Gehlawat over their demands in the ongoing students’ agitation.

When questioned whether political parties were trying to gain mileage out of the issue, some outsider women accompanying him got provoked and started behaving rudely and questioned the antecedents of the journalist.

Subsequently, the INSO activist too provoked girl students to manhandle the journalist and raised slogans against media alleging that media was playing into the hands of authorities. When another English daily journalist tried to intervene, he was also manhandled.

Later, the girls as well as the INSO activist apologized stating that they failed to recognize the journalist, leading to mistaken identity. A written complaint has been given to police.

News Updates 25.05.12

Woman killed in Bihar for practising witchcraftZee News


Zee News

Woman killed in Bihar for practising witchcraft


Last Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 15:46

Patna: A 58-year-old Dalit woman was Thursday killed by her neighbour in Bihar’s Gaya district, around 100 km from state capital Patna, for allegedly practicing witchcraft, police said.

According to police, Lashki Devi was brutally beaten before being strangled to death by her neighbour Kapil Bhuiyan in Jumladih hamlet of Chotki Kewla village in Dumaria area of Gaya.

Villagers said that Bhuiyan accused the woman of practising witchcraft and beat her up in full view of public.

“After she fell unconscious, the accused dragged her to a nearby forest where he strangled her to death,” police said.

Bhuiyan was arrested after a first information report (FIR) was filed by the woman’s husband, police added.

The practice of branding women as witches and torturing them continues unabated in remote rural areas of Bihar. A month ago, a woman in Sitamarhi district of the state was forced by some people to eat human excreta after being branded a witch.

Last year, the Bihar Human Rights Commission (BHRC) directed the state government to expedite probe and trials of cases related to offences under the Prevention of Witch Hunting Act, 1999. IANS

News Updates 12.06.12

Power, violence and Dalit women – The Hindu


The Hindu

Power, violence and Dalit women


  1. Geetha

Men from subaltern communities must confront the violence that tears apart some of their homes and families

The two books under review are quite dissimilar in what they set out to do. Dalit Women Speak Out comprises a detailed review of a set of related studies carried out in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on the violence endured by Dalit women. It revisits the notion of ‘atrocity’ both in terms of specific events, as well as the ingrained violence that attends Dalit lives, especially Dalit women’s lives on a daily basis. Women of Honour by Karin M Polit is an ethnographic investigation of Himalayan Garwahli communities that are labelled Dalit (intriguingly, some of the communities she studies turn out to be artisanal castes, including carpenters and blacksmiths).

Mix of concepts

Polit works with a mix of concepts, drawn from classic anthropological studies on kinship and community, and from Pierre Bourdieu’s theoretical universe on the one hand and from the rather obscure yet compelling discourses that have emerged around Judith Butler’s work on gender on the other. These are used to foreground and analyse rather familiar realities: poverty, embattled conjugality domestic discontent, anxiety over questions of honour and child-bearing

Thus, Women of Honour considers the many ways in which women come to perform their gendered roles, as they labour, marry, have children and raise them. Polit works with the notion of performativity or the manner in which we make gender happen, and makes it evident that gender is not so much a given category, but a shifting one that gets ‘fixed’ in our doing, which includes negotiating, contesting as well as conforming to norms that are set out for us. Thus women, we realise, are neither completely oppressed nor are they consistently defiant — rather they occupy a middle zone of living and acting, taking their cues from what their life situations allow them, and pushing limits and boundaries where they see fit.

What is lost though in this account is the intentionality of power, whether wielded by men over women or older women over younger women and by families over individuals. Also lost is an understanding of social and economic power: the societies Polit studies are not shown in relation to other societies or to larger realities and when these are hinted at, such as the changes wrought by education or migration, they are not granted their conceptual due.

Polit’s study references other studies of women’s lives in north India, and in her arguments she moves easily from large generalisations gleaned from these studies to particular descriptions that pertain to her own.

Consequently she does not always mark the differences that structure Dalit women’s lives — this is, to say the least, confusing. One wonders too if this is because she does not draw upon the wealth of concepts generated by scholars working on Dalit lives and histories. For the lives she narrates are, in the ultimate analysis, not very different from the lives of other poor communities, except where she invokes Dalit cultural worlds, deities, sacrifices and beliefs.

The strength of her book lies in her accounts of marriage practices amongst the so-called lower castes, the absence of hypergamy, the importance of bride price and its eventual substitution by dowry. She shows how these practices and their changed form determine women’s status. Yet here again, her study would have been richer had she placed it in the context of feminist scholarship — one thinks of Prem Chowdhry’s fantastic work on changing gender relations in Haryana, for instance, and how she works with notions of caste, gender, labour and economic change.

In a sense, Dalit Women Speak does all that Polit’s book does not wish to do. It not only indexes in painful and sad detail the kinds of violence endured by Dalit women, both outside and in their homes, but accounts for them. Working with police and crime records, interviews with hurt women, available statistics on violence and caste, and the literature generated by human rights groups on this subject, the book maps the links between caste status, landed power and state authority on the one hand and Dalit poverty, female labour and sexual violence on the other.

A distinctive feature of this book is its focus on domestic violence, from female foeticide to wife beating, from child sexual abuse to sexual hurt within the Dalit family. At the same time, it offers a reading of Dalit masculinity in terms of its forced complicity with the patriarchal caste order — just as upper caste women are complicit in and earn their rewards from assenting to the persistence of caste differences and hierarchy, so do Dalit men, choicelessly without social authority and power reproduce the violence that they endure in their own homes.

Taxonomy of violence

A remarkable feature of this study is its attempt to evolve a taxonomy of violence — verbal, physical, sexual and so on. The attempt gets mired in its own efforts because the violence that Dalit women face is never this or that, mandated by either poverty or caste, or their age or location: it is on account of being considered non-human, of being seen as workers without value, whose very being is refused validity. It is personhood that is at stake here, and the manner in which Dalit women work to preserve a sense of the self in the midst of all works against such an effort is moving and humbling.

While the nature of atrocities directed against Dalit women, the circumstances that shape them and the historical and cultural logic that legitimise them have all been sufficiently well documented in several studies, this one does more: it combines argument, analysis as well as a wealth of empirical information. Its intent is to persuade and establish the justice claims of the cause it espouses, and to argue for ways and means to produce a more humane and just social order. In this sense, it has a normative edge, and functions as a veritable catechism in the cause of the most oppressed among Dalits.

Having said this, I would like to point to three concerns that are not sufficiently addressed in this book: working with data from different states allows the authors to point to the enduring and pervasive nature of violence against Dalit women but it is equally important to mark differences between regions, given their varied histories, the nature of governance in each of them and the many and diverse traditions of struggle and resistance.

For unless one contextualises and historicises violence, it remains too much of a self-referential phenomena — to be sure we are told of resistance, and Dalit women’s own words testify to this, but this is still at the level of individual courage and we need to understand what makes for change, resistance in a collective sense and equally what remains intransigent to change. Likewise, it would have helped to know if all Dalit castes are oppressed in exactly the same way, or if helps to be numerically large, decisive in electoral politics and so on, since many of these reasons could impact on strategy when it comes to collective action.

Lastly, the violence that Dalit women endure in their families: it is as pervasive as that which greets them in the outside world. In this sense, it does not seem enough to mark Dalit male behaviour as being complicit in an ‘imposed’ patriarchy. Patriarchy works with notions of power and authority that are masculinised to the point of being available as a general resource to all who wish to wield them — and the complicity of Dalit men cannot only be seen as ‘imposed’. Just as upper caste women must be made responsible for their casteism, irrespective of their embattled gender status, so must men from subaltern communities confront the violence that tears some of their homes and families apart.

We have seen Dalit intellectuals fulminate rightly against an unmarked and global feminism, and now it seems important that they examine their own complicity with the violent politics of caste patriarchy and masculinity.

News Updates 21.06.12

Odisha dalit rape victim dies – The Hindustan Times


The Hindustan Times

Odisha dalit rape victim dies


Priya Ranjan Sahu, Hindustan Times

Bhubaneswar, June 21, 2012

The 19-year-old dalit girl of Puri district in Odisha, whose alleged gang rape stirred the conscience of the nation and cost the job of a minister, died in the hospital on Thursday after undergoing treatment for more than six months. “She died as a result of septicaemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and cardio-respiratory failure,” Bhubanananda Moharana, superintendent of SCB Medical College, Cuttack, told reporters.

The alleged gang rape victim was found by the side of a road in a village under Pipili police station in Puri district, about 15 km east of Bhubaneswar, on November 28 last year.

She had since slipped into coma and been struggling for life at SCB Medical College Hospital. Police have arrested four persons in the case.

The alleged gang rape of the girl had snowballed into a major controversy in the state with demonstrations by political parties, women, students and social organisations.

The then agriculture minister Pradip Maharathi, who represents Pipili assembly constituency, came under opposition fire after news surfaced that Pipili police had not taken action even after the woman’s family members lodged a complaint.

The woman’s family, social activists and opposition parties alleged Maharathi was protecting the suspects and the ruling Biju Janata Dal, headed by chief minister Naveen Patnaik, found itself in the vortex of a political storm.

Following the intervention of Odisha high court, the state women’s commission and the state human rights commission, local police registered a case on January 9.

The state government directed the police crime branch to investigate the case and later instituted a judicial probe. Maharathi also resigned as agriculture minister following public outcry over the issue, while the Pipili police station inspector in charge was dismissed from service.

News Updates 25.06.12

Invoke SC/ST Act on dalit woman’s killers: Activists – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Invoke SC/ST Act on dalit woman’s killers: Activists


TNN | Jun 25, 2012, 04.14AM IST

MADURAI: Even though police arrested all the accused involved in the murder of Venda (55), a dalit woman, on June 16 in the Chembarambakkam village of Kancheepuram district, the decision taken by the police not to register the case under the SC/ST (prevention of atrocity) Act, 1989, has irked activists and NGOs in the area.

A member in the fact-finding team of Evidence, an NGO based in Madurai who visited the village said, “The police told us the accused were dalits and that is why they didn’t register the case under the SC/ST Act. But an investigation revealed that the main accused were non-dalits. We fail to understand why they have not been booked under the SC/ST Act.”

According to the victim’s relative Khushbu, Venda was attacked by a group which included Kanniappan (55), his son Pugalendhi (21), Mohan (32), Karthik (28) and four others. “It was Mohan who attacked her with a crowbar,” said Khushbu. Venda succumbed to her injuries at the hospital on 18th June. The Baluchettychathiram police registered the case (Cr.No.380/2012) under section 294(b), 324, 307, 302 of Indian Penal Code and section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act 1988. On June 21, the accused Kanniappan, Pugalendhi, Mohan and Karthik were remanded in judicial custody. “If charged, the provisions of the SC/ST act would have ensured stringent punishment and Rs five lakh compensation to the victim’s family. It is unfortunate that the accused were not charged under the SC/ST act,” said A Kathir, director of Evidence.

However, talking to TOI, C V Chandrasekaran, DSP Kancheepuram, said the allegation was false. “We have arrested all the accused who are dalits. If that is the case, how can we book them under the SC/ST Act?” he asked.

News Updates 04.07.12

Couple sentenced to 7-yr imprisonment in rape case – Zee News


Zee News

Couple sentenced to 7-yr imprisonment in rape case


Last Updated: Wednesday, July 04, 2012, 18:21

Khandwa: A local court sentenced a couple to seven years’ imprisonment in the rape case of a reserve category woman.

According to prosecution, on July 7, 2009, one Rajni called a woman (belonging to reserve category) to her agricultural field to work as a labourer where her (Rajni’s) husband Ashok allegedly raped her in the presence of his wife.

He also threatened to kill her if she revealed the incident to anyone.

On the complaint of the victim, Dhangaon police station registered a case against the couple and later they were tried in the Special Court which found them guilty.

Special Judge Gouri Shankar Dube awarded seven-year imprisonment to both of them on Tuesday, the prosecution said today. PTI

News Updates 07.07.12

Dalit woman president seeks police protection – Deccan Herald


Deccan Herald

Dalit woman president seeks police protection


July 7, 2012 , DC

A dalit woman panchayat president in Theni has approached the DGP seeking protection from the vice-president and other subordinates, who belong to the dominant caste.

  1. Selvi, 40, who has been admitted to the Theni GH, alleged that the panchayat members called her names, attacked her and humiliated her just because she sat on the president’s chair.

Other panchayat members, including vice-president Ganesan and fourth ward member Nattandurai, prevented her from performing her duties and abused her using the name of her caste, she alleged.

“My husband Rasaiah and I worked in a stone quarry. I won in the 2011 panchayat elections and took charge as Tirumalapuram panchayat president. The members were unhappy and told me that I should stay at home as I belong to a lower class and should hand over all the duties to them,” she said.

“However, I continued to work for the welfare of the people. I faced several problems and complained to the district administration,” she said.

Selvi said that officials conducted an inquiry just as an eyewash and told her to cope with the situation. “The members told me that they would pass resolutions and I should sit quietly in the office. They attacked me and warned me that I should not sit in the office chair,” she said.

  1. Kathir, director of Evidence, a dalit rights NGO, said that he files at least 15 complaints on discrimination meted out dalits who work for panchayat administration every year.

Theni collector K. Palanisamy said that an FIR was registered based on Selvi’s complaint. “We heard that panchayat members attacked her. We will investigate her complaint and take necessary action,” he said.

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Two held for molesting dalit women The Times Of India


SI tries to molest Dalit woman inside police station; arrested- IBN Live


The Times Of India

Two held for molesting dalit women


KANNUR: In two different cases, the police, on Thursday, arrested two persons from the district for molesting two dalit women. The Peringom police arrested Farooq (30), a resident of Kakkara, for repeatedly raping an 18-year-old dalit girl over the last 10 months.

According to the complaint filed by the girl, Farooq first raped her on September 11, 2011, after threatening her that he would morph her photograph into a nude one and publish it on the internet. Later on many occasions he exploited the girl’s fears.

On June 21 morning, Farooq again asked her to come to Kakkara. When she resisted his advances, he again threatened that he would morph the photographs of her two sisters too. On June 26, she filed a complained with the women cell.

In the second case, a 40-year-old man was nabbed by Payyannur police in a case of attempt to rape a physically-challenged dalit woman. The police said C P Navas is a daily wage worker and native of Malappuram, was hired by a house in the Korom for painting works.He went to the neighbouring house to ask for water and when he found that the woman was alone, he tried to rape her. He escaped the scene when the woman’s father came running after hearing his daughter’s cry. But the police with the help of locals arrested him in the evening.

IBN Live

SI tries to molest Dalit woman inside police station; arrested


Lucknow, July 12 (PTI) A police Sub-Inspector was today suspended and arrested for allegedly trying to molest a Dalit woman inside police station premises in Mal area of the city. SI Kamta Prasad Awasthi was arrested following a complaint by the woman, who alleged that last night he had tried to molest her, a police spokesman said here. Awasthi called the woman at his quarter inside Mal police station for some inquiry and tried molesting her, he said. Station Officer Rakesh Kumar Singh and Circle Officer Malihabad Jitendra Kumar Srivastava have also been removed from the post and attached with police office. The woman, due to some dispute with her neighbour, had lodged a complaint in the police station about nine months ago. The woman in her complaint today alleged that the SI used to call her every now and then at the police station on pretext of inquiry, he said. “Last night, Awasthi, who was probing the case, called me at his official residence inside the police station premises and tried to molest me,” she alleged in the complaint. Somehow she managed to escape from the place. CO Kumar was removed from the post for not informing the senior officers about the incident and bad conduct, the spokesman said. The case was handed over to Additional Superintendent of Police (protocol) Gyan Prakash Chaturvedi.

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Bihar: Dalit woman beaten up for visiting temple ­- IBN Live


IBN Live

Bihar: Dalit woman beaten up for visiting temple


New Delhi: A Dalit woman was beaten up for visiting a temple in Beghusarai in Bihar. The victim said a group of men attacked her when she said she wanted to perform a puja.

She suffered head injuries. An FIR has been filed and the police have begun investigating the matter.

No arrests have been made so far.

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Dalit woman succumbs to assault injuriesThe Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit woman succumbs to assault injuries


KENDRAPADA: A dalit woman, who was battling for life after being allegedly attacked by some villagers at Manjarajpur in Jagatsinghpur district on June 14, succumbed to her injuries at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack on Monday.

Doctors said the 30-year-old victim, Sasmita Mallick, had suffered serious injuries on her head and other parts of the body. She had been kept in the ICU for the past one week, the doctors added.

“The deceased’s husband, Satyananda Mallick, lodged a complaint against five persons, alleging that they had attacked his wife with iron rods after she objected to some villagers defecating on their field. The complainant identified the accused as Rabi Mallick, Pabitra Mallick, Netrananda Mallick, Chabindra Mallick and Gangadhar Mallick,” said officer in-charge (Kujang police station) Gupteswar Bhoi.

Sasmita was first admitted to the community health center at Kujang. She was later shifted to the orthopedic department at SCB after her condition deteriorated. Two weeks ago, the OdishaHuman Rights Commission had directed the Jagatsinghpur SP to submit a detailed report on the case. The OHRC chairman had also directed the head of the orthopedic department at SCB to submit a report on the woman’s treatment.

The victim woman’s husband has alleged that some politicians and policemen were trying to shield the accused persons. The Kujang OIC, however, denied lapses in the police investigation the allegations and stated that all the accused have been arrested. “We had booked them under several sections earlier. But after the woman’s death, we have also charged them with murder,” the officer said.

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Minor Dalit girl raped; villagers block JSpur roadThe Pioneer


The Pioneer

Minor Dalit girl raped; villagers block JSpur road


Hundreds of residents of Dhanipur, Tarikunda, Jayasola and Ranahata villages on Tuesday afternoon resorted to road blocked on the Cuttack-Jagatsinghpur State Highway at Dhanipur Chhak demanding arrest of the person who allegedly raped a minor Dalit girl. The girl is now undergoing treatment at the District Headquarters Hospital here.

The victim is daughter of Khokan Bhoi of Ranahat village and the accused a married man of Balia village under Biridi block, who was a regular visitor to the victim’s house.

On Monday, the accused approached the girl’s mother, an Anganwadi Worker, to take the girl to his village, to which the woman agreed.

As the girl did not return home in night and the accused could not be contacted, the girl’s mother lodged an FIR at the Jagatsinghpur police station. On Tuesday morning, the girl was spotted near a tea shop near the Astastambha temple at Hajipur, and the locals brought her to her house. The girl complained of internal bleeding, after which she was shifted to the hospital.

After the news spread in the locality, hundreds of people converged at Dhanipur Chhak and staged the road blocked demanding arrest of the accused.

The police rushed to spot and assured the agitators that the accused would be arrested in three days’ time. The road blocked was lifted at 5 in the evening.

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Dalit women walk bare foot to show respect to ‘upper caste’ villagers in Rajasthan – Taheleka



Dalit women walk bare foot to show respect to ‘upper caste’ villagers in Rajasthan


The district administration in Karauli has undertaken steps to ban the practice after Change.org’s Video Volunteers brought the discriminatory practice into light

When 39-year-old Sunita Kasera, a journalist for Video Volunteers, was sipping tea one hot afternoon in Dangariya village, eastern Rajasthan, she noticed something peculiar. Many women, who left their houses with their footwear on, would abruptly remove them in the middle of the road and wear them again after a few yards of walking bare foot.

After asking a few women about the curious practice, Kasera quickly recorded the practice of caste discrimination on her handycam. The women of Dangariya, Karauli, were forbidden from wearing their footwear when they walked past the dwellings of “upper caste” residents. “I was shocked to see it,” says Kasera.

An online petition was posted by Video Volunteers based on Kasera’s story calling for administrative action to put an end to this discriminatory practice. They received more than 5000 signatures within 48 hours.

Bowing to the civil society outcry on this issue, the district administration of Karauli called for a public hearing in the village. “Everyone in the village was present,” says Kasera, “they all promised to stop this discriminatory act against the Dalits”.

District Magistrate M Bishnu Charan Mallick then sent a press release to all police stations and village heads in District Karauli detailing how untouchability is a punishable offence under Article 17 of the Indian Constitution.

Video Volunteers has been monitoring the village on a daily basis, and finds that from the time the administration has come down heavily on the villagers, there has not been a single incident of caste discrimination in the village. “This is just our first victory,” says Siddharth P, Communications Manager, Video Volunteers. “Change in the mindset of the administration is the first step to enforce law. We are confident that there will soon be a marked change in the mindset of the people.”

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Dalit woman panchayat chief complains of humiliationThe Hindu


The Hindu

Dalit woman panchayat chief complains of humiliation


  1. Balaganessin

A Dalit woman panchayat president has complained of caste-based humiliation and prolonged abuse allegedly by a section of persons belonging to upper castes at her village Kattathi in Karambakudi taluk on Friday.

Accompanied by her husband, Ashok Kumar, Jayanthi submitted a petition to V. Kalaiarasi, District Collector, seeking stern action against the upper caste persons and demanded armed police protection for her safety.

In her petition, she said that the vice president Balasubramanian, belonging to the upper caste, was reportedly instigating a group of villagers to abuse her.

She also alleged that Selvam, son of a ward member and the vice president prevented her from discharging her administrative responsibility, through caste-based abuse. The problem was brought to light on Monday when she approached A. Kadhir, executive director of Madurai-based rights activist organisation, “Evidence” explaining her mental agony.

The Collector, who received the petition, assured of prompt action.

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Dalit woman assaulted, stripped by sons in Bihar – Indian Today


Indian Today

Dalit woman assaulted, stripped by sons in Bihar


A middle-aged Dalit woman was assaulted and stripped before being paraded through the streets of her village by her sons and other relatives in Gaya district of Bihar.

Sonma Devi, who happens to be a ward member of Ladu panchayat under Mohanpur police station of the district, has been admitted to Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College Hospital in Gaya with injuries all over her body. An FIR has been lodged in this connection against nine persons of the village, including three of her sons, who had allegedly tortured her. The district SP has ordered probe into the incident by Sherghati DSP.

Sonma, who is a resident of Lalganj village, told police that she was beaten up with sticks and stripped by her tormentors who paraded her through the village on Wednesday. They also abused her and snipped her hair.

Sonma, who happens to be a widow, said that her sons and other relatives were trying to usurp her property.

She said that none of her villagers came forward to rescue her while she was being humiliated and harassed by her sons and others. In her complaint, the poor woman named three of her sons – Dilip Paswan, Chhotu Paswan and Sandeep Paswan – along with six others – Ramji Paswan, Pintu Paswan, Gautam Paswan, Munni Kumari, Muniya devi and Kamla Devi – for their involvement in her assault and humiliation.

The matter came to light when the Women’s Helpline under the Social Welfare department of the state government received her complaint. It subsequently asked the women’s police station to lodge an FIR and take necessary action on the basis of Sonma’s statement.

Local police officials said that the matter was being investigated and stern action would be taken against those, including her sons, who had perpetrated atrocities on Sonma.

Villagers said that Sonma was a poor woman who was eking out her livelihood by preparing meal for school children under the mid-day meal project. They said that her sons had also cast aspersion on her character and driven her out of their house.

They said one of her sons who lived in Surat in Gujarat had come to the village recently. His relatives had complained to him about his mother’s character, saying they had ostracised her because of her behaviour.

This angered her son who joined hands with his brothers and relatives ‘to teach her a lesson’.

Sonma, however, said that they had all ganged up to usurp her property and had levelled baseless allegations against her. She sought help and protection from the district administration.

Bihar has witnessed a slew of incidents of crime against women in recent times. At a meeting, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday had asked all the SPs and DIGs to quickly respond to all the crime cases, especially those against women, in their respective areas.

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Dalit woman beaten up for opposing eve-teaser in Haryana – The Times Of India


Dalit woman succumbs to assault injuries – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit woman beaten up for opposing eve-teaser in Haryana


Sukhbir Siwach, TNN | Aug 28, 2012, 03.46AM IST

CHANDIGARH: A dalit woman was allegedly beaten up in Mohamadpur Rohi village of Haryana’s Fatehabad district after she stopped a youth from eve-teasing her daughter.

The police lodged an FIR against Baljeet Singh, 21, who is from an upper caste, on Sunday a day after the incident.

The girl, 19, is a Bcom student in a private college of Fatehabad. “Baljeet used to pass objectionable remarks against the girl and she had even changed her college following the harassment,” said a police officer quoting the complainant. “On Saturday, she was standing at the bus stop in the village when Baljit started eve-teasing her. The girl went to her house to call her mother. The accused started beating up the mother when she asked the youth to stop troubling her daughter,” he added.

On the complaint of girl’s father, the police have registered a case under section 294 (obscene acts), 323 (assault) and SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) Act.

“There are reports that Baljeet was also beaten up after the incident, though, no complaint has been filed in this regard,” said DySP Shamsher Singh Dahiya, who is investigating the case.

SP, Fatehabad, Satender Kumar Gupta said the investigations are on and the accused would be arrested soon.

The Times Of India

Dalit woman succumbs to assault injuries


TNN | Jul 17, 2012, 03.40AM IST

KENDRAPADA: A dalit woman, who was battling for life after being allegedly attacked by some villagers at Manjarajpur in Jagatsinghpur district on June 14, succumbed to her injuries at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack on Monday.

Doctors said the 30-year-old victim, Sasmita Mallick, had suffered serious injuries on her head and other parts of the body. She had been kept in the ICU for the past one week, the doctors added.

“The deceased’s husband, Satyananda Mallick, lodged a complaint against five persons, alleging that they had attacked his wife with iron rods after she objected to some villagers defecating on their field. The complainant identified the accused as Rabi Mallick, Pabitra Mallick, Netrananda Mallick, Chabindra Mallick and Gangadhar Mallick,” said officer in-charge (Kujang police station) Gupteswar Bhoi.

Sasmita was first admitted to the community health center at Kujang. She was later shifted to the orthopedic department at SCB after her condition deteriorated. Two weeks ago, the Odisha Human Rights Commission had directed the Jagatsinghpur SP to submit a detailed report on the case. The OHRC chairman had also directed the head of the orthopedic department at SCB to submit a report on the woman’s treatment.

The victim woman’s husband has alleged that some politicians and policemen were trying to shield the accused persons. The Kujang OIC, however, denied lapses in the police investigation the allegations and stated that all the accused have been arrested. “We had booked them under several sections earlier. But after the woman’s death, we have also charged them with murder,” the officer said.

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Dalit woman gang-raped, seven arrested – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit woman gang-raped, seven arrested


TNN | Sep 2, 2012, 04.12AM IST

SASARAM: A Dalit woman was gang-raped by some youths near Sone river at the district police headquarters at Dehri-on-Soneunder the same police station in Rohtas district late Friday night. The police, swinging into action, arrested seven youths aged between 18 to 25 years in this connection, according to Rohtas SP Manu Maharaj.

Sources said the 30-year-old woman, hailing from Sasaram, had gone to Dehri-on-Sone on Friday to meet her friend. After she reached the railway station to catch a train for Sasaram, she was lured by the youths and taken near Sone river where she was raped by them one by one. She reached all-woman PS and lodged an FIR. The police, on the basis of her statement, conducted raids and arrested seven youths who belong to Pali Road, a locality of Dehri-on-Sone.

The SP said the medical examination of the woman has confirmed the rape. The victim was produced before the SDJM, Dehri-on-Sone, on Saturday where her statement was recorded under Section 164 of CrPC. The SP said the chargesheet would be submitted very soon against the accused and the district and sessions judge (DJ) would be urged for speedy trial of the case.

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Dalit woman assaulted, tonsured in Odisha; 10 held – The Hindu


The Hindu

Dalit woman assaulted, tonsured in Odisha; 10 held



A Dalit woman was assaulted, tortured and tonsured, in Jayaghanta village under the Dhama police station limits of Odisha’s Sambalpur district. Locals held her responsible for the death of a youth, police said on Saturday.

Police inspector G. Barla said 10 persons were arrested on the basis of the victim’s complaint.

The 18-year-old daughter of Subidha Buda (45) had eloped with Sudam Mahananda, who is from the same village, on August 11. But Sudam fell ill on the way and was declared brought dead at the government hospital at Jharsuguda.

Holding the woman and her family responsible for Sudam’s death, agitated villagers staged a protest with the body on August 12, demanding a probe into the incident and the arrest of the culprits. They also asked the family to leave the village, the police said.

Buda went to her elder daughter’s place in nearby Baunsura. On Thursday she came back to her house to collect some household goods, when the villagers dragged her out, assaulted her and shaved off her head. However, no case was registered under the SC/ST Atrocities Act as both the complainant and the accused belonged to the same caste, the police said, adding that cases were registered against 18 persons and efforts were on to nab the others involved.

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Minor Dalit girl gang-raped, shocked father kills self MSN News


MSN News

Minor Dalit girl gang-raped, shocked father kills self


Hisar (Har), Sep 19 (PTI) A teenage Dalit girl was allegedly raped by eight youths who threatened to make public her objectionable pictures, following which her shocked father committed suicide in Dabra village in the district.

The victim, a student of Class XII, was allegedly gang-raped by eight youths a few days ago while she was going to meet her maternal uncle in Patel Nagar area of the district, police said.
The girl narrated the incident to her mother who then informed it to her husband Krishan, a labourer, police said.

Krishan raised the issue with the elders of the village who then started questioning the boys allegedly involved in the incident.
The accused allegedly threatened the family that they would make the girl”s objectionable pictures public if the matter was reported to the police.
Apprehending public humiliation, Krishan allegedly consumed poison last evening and died.
Today the panchayat of Dalits called on Superintendent of Police B Satheesh Balan who asked the SHO Sadar Police station to book and arrest the accused.
A case has been registered against the accused under sections 376 and 306 of IPC (rape and abatement to suicide).

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Dalit kills self after daughter is ‘gangraped’ – Indian Express


Haryana: Dalit girl gangraped, accused circulate MMS; 1 held after protests – IBN Live


Indian Express

Dalit kills self after daughter is ‘gangraped’


For the last four days, a Dalit mother and her teenage daughter have been camping outside Hisar’s civil hospital, where the body of the older woman’s husband lies in the mortuary. Groups from their village have been taking out protest rallies and candlelight marches, demanding justice for them.

Earlier this month, the daughter, who is 16, was allegedly gangraped by eight men from their village Dabra outside Hisar.

She kept it secret for 10 days. But when the father finally got to know, he preferred to kill himself rather than bear the terrible humiliation, the mother said.

Dabra is sharply divided between Dalits and upper caste Jats. All the alleged rapists are Jats. The men allegedly filmed the gangrape on mobile phones, and a video clip is apparently in circulation in Hisar. The police declined to confirm this.

The family has refused to take the body until the alleged rapists are arrested.

Hisar superintendent of police Satheesh P Balan said, “A youth has been taken into custody. We expect the family will take away the body tomorrow.”

The 16-year-old schoolgirl was abducted on September 9. “A car approached from behind me. Mahender and Rajkumar, two of the eight youths inside the vehicle, got off and pushed me inside. They took me to a field on Tosham Road. Four other youths were waiting there. Eight of them took turns to rape me for about three hours, and four recorded it on mobile phones,” she told The Sunday Express.

“The men are known goondas. I recognized four of them; one is the nephew of a politician,” she said.

When the girl stopped eating, her mother, a former schoolteacher who gave up her job to bring up her two children, found out what had happened.

“My daughter told me on September 18,” the mother said. “I informed my husband, who asked me to go with our daughter to my parents’ home. He then consumed poison.”

“In villages, such things can’t be kept secret. By the time we got to know, everyone was talking about my daughter’s rape,” she said.

The father was a gardener who made around Rs 20,000 every month, a lot of which was spent on their children’s education. The victim’s brother studies at ITI, Hisar; she has always wanted to be a doctor. The family lives in a kuchcha one-room dwelling in the Dalit part of the village.

IBN Live

Haryana: Dalit girl gangraped, accused circulate MMS; 1 held after protests



Hisar: A 16-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gangraped by eight “upper caste” men on September 9 in the Dabra area of Hisar. The case came to light only 10 days later, on September 19, after the distraught minor broke down in front of her parents and narrated the incident.

To make matters worse, when the girl’s father approached the police for help, they reportedly refused to file an FIR. The helpless father committed suicide the next day.

The police have now arrested one of the accused after the residents of the area refused to cremate the body until arrests were made.

The accused reportedly made an MMS clip of the incident and circulated it.

The girl’s uncle told reporters, “The girl was scared and did not report the incident to her family. The accused had threatened to kill her if she approached the police. But when the MMS clip was circulated in the entire village and the people came to know, her father decided to report the matter to the police. However, I don’t know what happened. He took the extreme step the next day.”

Meanwhile, Hisar SP Satish Balan said, “A man committed suicide after her daughter was gangraped. But, no case was registered regarding her rape.”

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Dalit women at the receiving end – The Hindu


The Hindu

Dalit women at the receiving end


Rahi Gaikwad

“Would you like to compromise?” That’s the first question a judge asks when a caste atrocity case comes up for trial, says Manjula Pradeep, of the Gujarat-based non governmental organisation Navsarjan. A study done by Navsarjan on atrocity data obtained through RTI for Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu found that between December 2004 and November 2009, “there were convictions in only 0.79 per cent of cases (three cases) of violence by non-Dalits across the three states. In Gujarat there were no convictions at all.”

The worst sufferers of a systemic failure to probe caste crimes are Dalit women. They are known to face double discrimination; they become the target for upper caste men outside homes and gender-based violence at home.

In a submission to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Navsarjan states, “Dalit women are considered as easily available for all forms of violence…The Indian justice system cannot serve as a deterrent for crime when there is no consequence for the perpetrators of violence against Dalit women.”

According to the organisation’s study there were 379 cases of violence against Dalit women by non-Dalits between December 2004 and November 2009 across the three states. However, the outcome of only 101 cases (26.6 per cent) was known to have been decided when the data was analysed in the beginning of 2011.

In the three state — Five Dalit women were murdered by non-Dalits (three in Tamil Nadu and one each in Gujarat and Maharashtra). There were 76 reported cases of rape or gang rape (20 in Gujarat, 35 in Maharashtra, 21 in Tamil Nadu). On the other hand violence on Dalit women by the community itself (including family) saw 15 women being murdered in the three states (eight Tamil Nadu, four Gujarat, three Maharashtra), and 37 cases of rape or gang rape (19 Tamil Nadu, 12 Gujarat, 6 Maharashtra) were reported.

A total of 117 cases (30.9 per cent) remained pending in the courts and the status of 161 cases (42.5 per cent) was unknown. The cases where no information is available are likely to be undecided, the study noted.

Navsarjan points out that the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women noted, “Dalit women face targeted violence even rape and murder by the state actors and powerful members of dominant castes used to inflict political lessons and crush dissent with the community.”

At a recent seminar held at Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), activists and academics raised concerns over state complicity as a major hurdle in seeking justice under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. “The Act has completed 20 years, but people, even lawyers still don’t know about it. It is not part of the university curriculum,” Manjula Pradeep says.

She points out that Dalits were moving to the cities to “escape” atrocity and “the identity of being an untouchable.” While fighting caste violence and discrimination, the attitude of the government, police and the judiciary poses a formidable challenge.

Eknath Avhad, Dalit activist from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra blamed low political willpower for the dismal justice rate in atrocity cases. “Activists and people are ready to fight,” he says, “but they can’t fight the politics.” The Maharashtra government’s ‘Dispute Free Village’ scheme for instance is a case in point.

A programme designed to work out compromises, almost imparts impunity to caste and other kinds of crimes.

“It’s a licence to hooliganism. All odds are stacked against the Dalits,” Mr. Avhad said. “The police will not register cases or delay registration; if they do, they will conduct shoddy investigation. Then there is no witness protection. After 1995, the percentage of case registration was low. It dropped further after 2000.”

News Updates 26.09.12

In Haryana, Dalit woman gang-raped at gunpoint, then filmed – NDTV


Hisar dalit gangrape: SC panel warns cops: Arrest all culprits or face suspensionIndian Express



In Haryana, Dalit woman gang-raped at gunpoint, then filmed


Edited by Surabhi Malik | Updated: September 26, 2012 16:06 IST

Jind, Haryana: In north Haryana, a Dalit woman has been gang-raped in her home at gunpoint. The attack in the Jind district was also filmed on a phone camera and the MMS was circulated in her village.

The police said that two of the three alleged rapists have been arrested.

Nearly 60 kilometres away, in the village of Dabra, Dalits have been demanding justice for a teen girl who was gang-raped by 12 men (8 of them from the upper castes), with an MMS publicising the grotesquerie. he teen’s father killed himself after he found out about the assault on her.

Indian Express

Hisar dalit gangrape: SC panel warns cops: Arrest all culprits or face suspension


Hisar dalit gangrape: With key accused in gangrape of a Dalit girl here still at large, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) on Tuesday took strong exception to the delay in nabbing them, and alleged that atrocities against the marginalised community were on rise in Haryana.

After carrying out two arrests on Saturday and Monday, the police said it had stepped up efforts to nab the remaining 10 accused even as additional forces have been deployed in the victim’s village to instill a sense of security.

“So far we have arrested two youths. The efforts are on to arrest the remaining ones. We have got clues and eight teams have been sent to various places to nab them. We are hopeful that the accused will be arrested soon,” Hisar police chief B Satheesh Balan said.

On the possibility of the accused having circulated a video clip of the rape incident as some of them had allegedly filmed the crime, Balan said things will become clear once the remaining accused are nabbed.

Meanwhile, the NCSC vice-chairman Raj Kumar Virk slammed the state government saying that “the atrocities and cruelty against the Dalits are increasing in Haryana. There are 600 complaints from Haryana pending with the Commission.”

Virk said the commission will suspend or transfer the erring officers if the police fail to arrest all the accused in the the gangrape case in one week.

He also stressed establishing separate police stations to deal with cases of Dalits’ exploitation.

In a related development, Sushila Sharma, chairperson, Haryana Women’s Commission asked for exemplary punishment to the culprits. Sharma visited Dabra and met the victim and her family members. Elder brother of the deceased while commenting on the monetary help announcement made by the district administration for the family said no amount of financial help will “restore honour, respect and peace of our family”.

Deputy Commissioner Amit Aggarwal told newsmen that all help would be provided to the victim and her family for rehabilitation.

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Hisar rape: Teams of NCW, NCDRH meet victim’s fami – Zee News


Zee News

Hisar rape: Teams of NCW, NCDRH meet victim’s fami


Last Updated: Monday, October 01, 2012, 21:34

Hisar: Teams of National Women Commission and National Campaign on Dalit Human Right on Monday visited Dabra village and met family members of the teenage Dalit girl who was allegedly gangraped on September 9.

The team of NCW, led by Shameena Shafiq, expressed concern over the role of Haryana Women Commission in the matter, saying they had not informed the NCW about the horrific incident.

Interacting with reporters, Shafiq said, “Haryana Women Commission did not pass on any information of the gangrape incident to them and all information which the NCW had received was through its own resources.”

Shafiq demanded stern action against the culprits of the heinous crime.

“Some cases of gangrape with Dalit women have been reported in Haryana, which are unfortunate,” she said.

Commission will prepare its report in the Dabra gangrape episode and submit it to the NCW chairperson, she said.

Superintendent of Police B Sateesh Balan was also present and interacted with the NCW team.

Earlier today, an eight-member team of National Campaign of Dalit Human Right also met the victim’s family.

Rajat Kalson, Coordinator of the NCDRH, a body that claims committed to the elimination of discrimination based on caste, said crime against women in Haryana were on a rise.

“Crimes against women especially Dalits in Haryana were increasing and the government should take effective steps,” Kalson said.

He demanded that the victim’s family should be compensated by the government.

Father of the rape victim committed suicide on September 18 after he came to know that his daughter was gangraped.

Eleven culprits have been arrested so far in this case, according to police.

Meanwhile, Haryana BJP today demanded dismissal of the Hooda government in view of the alleged deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

“In the recent past, there have been a number of shameful incidents including Rohtak’s Apna Ghar shelter home incident, besides the recent incidents of gangrape of a Dalit girl in Hisar and that of a married woman in Jind district,” said Rattan Lal Kataria, state BJP spokesman and former MP.

“Keeping in view the failure of the state government to protect its citizens, particularly women and children, we demand resignation of chief minister (Bhupinder Singh) Hooda on moral grounds,” he said.

News Updates 02.10.12

Dalit woman sarpanch assaulted in Haryana – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Dalit woman sarpanch assaulted in Haryana


TNN | Oct 2, 2012, 04.22AM IST

CHANDIGARH: A 37-year-old dalit woman sarpanch was assaulted on Sunday when she was presiding over a meeting to broker peace between two groups fighting over distribution of land for poor families at Aambwalan village in Haryana’s Yamunanagardistrict.

The sarpanch, Rajrani, and two other villagers were seriously injured in the attack and were admitted to a government hospital.

Yamunanagar SP Mitesh Jain said the injured were not in a position to give a statement in this regard. “The police will take further action once the injured people give their statements,” Jain added.

Investigation officer Satpal Singh, who had visited the spot, said the sarpanch was assaulted after arguments over the land distribution.

The sarpanch’s husband, Sandeep Singh, who also received injuries in the attack, said around 20 dalits attacked the sarpanch and others present in the panchayat.

The dispute began at a meeting called on September 27 to remove encroachments on a 7.5-acre plot so that it could be distributed among poor families to build houses as part of Haryana’s government ‘Mahatma Gandhi Gramin Basti Yojna’. It was launched in 2008 to allot 100 square yard residential plots to below poverty line families, Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes.

“Two villagers — Pala Ram and Krishan Kumar — picked up a fight at the meet,” said Sandeep. “To resolve the matter, a panchayat was called in the village on Sunday. When the panchayat was going on, a group got angry and started pelting stones at people present in the panchayat. They were also carrying swords and iron rods.”

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Minor Dalit girl raped; mentally challenged assaulted in Haryana – Zee News


Zee News

Minor Dalit girl raped; mentally challenged assaulted in Haryana


Last Updated: Wednesday, October 03, 2012, 20:45

Chandigarh: Adding to the spree of crimes against women in Haryana, a minor Dalit girl was allegedly kidnapped and raped in Rohtak, while a mentally challenged woman was sexually assaulted in Jind district.

Main accused in both the cases have been arrested.

A 15-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly lured by three women relatives in Kachchi Garhi Mohalla colony of Rohtak and then raped by a youth last evening, police said on Wednesday.

The girl was called out of her house by the accused women and was taken to an abandoned house in a car on the Hisar road on the outskirts of the village where she was raped.

Police have registered a case against five persons, including the three relatives of the victim and also arrested the key accused.

The latest incident occurred in Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s home district Rohtak, where opposition BJP-Haryana Janhit Congress women leaders took out a rally and raised slogans against the Hooda regime for allegedly failing to protect the women of the state.

Yesterday, a mentally challenged woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man in Narwana area Jind.

The accused has been arrested.

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Two women working for Rs. 15 a month for 42 years – The Hindu


Another Dalit woman violated in Narwana – The Tribune


Four rapes in 24 hrs, Dalits and minors among victims – Indian Express


The Hindu

Two women working for Rs. 15 a month for 42 years


Special Correspondent

Here is a classic case that will reveal how the “high-handedness” of a few officials has affected the lives of two Dalit women in Udupi.

The two women, Akku and Leela, have put in about four decades of service at the Government Women Teachers’ Training Institute on a monthly salary of Rs. 15. Although they were promised that their services would be regularised, they did not get any benefits even after 42 years of service.

After the women approached the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal (KAT) seeking relief in 2001, the Education Department stopped paying them even that meagre salary of Rs. 15.

Their plight came to light after Ravindranath Shanbhag, president of Udupi-based Human Rights Protection Foundation, took up the matter and followed up the case right up to the Supreme Court.

Addressing presspersons here on Tuesday, Mr. Shanbhag said that although the Supreme Court, the High Court of Karnataka and the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal ruled in favour of the women and directed the government to regularise their services, the order is yet to be implemented by the government.

Meanwhile, the women continue to clean the 21 toilets in the institute all through the year without any payment, he said.

“The Karnataka Administrative Tribunal asked the government in 2003 to regularise them in 90 days and the Karnataka High Court ordered the government to pay their salaries in 2004. Notices were also issued for contempt of court when the directions were not implemented. Instead of paying them salaries, the government filed a special leave petition before the Supreme Court in 2005.

“The Supreme Court ruled in the women’s favour in 2010. Despite all this, the women are still waiting to get their benefits,” Mr. Shanbhag said. “Now, the authorities say that the women were not employable because they had reached the retirement age. I am surprised that the government spent lakhs of rupees on fighting the cases against the hapless women rather than pay what is due to them.

Is there any other court above the Supreme Court that can give justice to these women?” Mr. Shanbhag asked and urged the government to pay what is due to the women.

The Tribune

Another Dalit woman violated in Narwana


Tribune News Service, Jind, October 3

In an unabated spate of crime against women in Haryana, another rape incident has surfaced in Narwana subdivision of Jind district. This time, a 26-year-old Dalit woman who became the victim of the lust of a man on Tuesday.

The accused, who was nabbed from the spot with the help of local people, was remanded in three days’ police custody by the local court this morning.

This is the third such incident in Jind, while the number of such cases across the state has reached seven in the past 40 days.

The shocking incident took place when the victim, a resident of Gurthali village, was being taken to another village on the pretext of meeting a relative. It is alleged that she was sent by her kin for selling her to some persons in Belarkha village. The victim was married to Leela of Gurthali a month back after she was allegedly trafficked from Bahna village of Kaithal district and sold for marriage.

Her husband is the brother-in-law of one of the accused in this case, Seeto Devi. According to the complaint lodged with the police, she was lured by the accused, identified as Dhanwa of the same village, to a field near Belarkha and raped while they were returning to Gurthali after visiting a relative in Belarkha.

It is learnt that she was taken to this village by the three accused identified as Dhanwa, Kala, son of Banta, and Seeto Devi, wife of Banta, on some pretext, but the deal to sell her did not materialise. “The victim was presented before some persons who had come from Singer village of Tohana subdivision of Fatehabad district, but they rejected her,” it is revealed. When she and the three accused were on their way back to the village in a vehicle, the accused got the vehicle stopped at a secluded spot and took her to a nearby field and raped her.

The driver, Gurtej, ran towards the village seeking help for the victim. The accused was nabbed by the locals who rushed to the spot. The rapist was beaten up and handed over to the police, said the police.

“We have arrested the three persons, including main accused Dhanwa. They were remanded to three days police custody by the court at Narwana,” said senior superintendent of police Saurabh Singh. He said Seeto Devi, sister-in-law of the victim, and her son Kala were the other two accused. They are Dalits. The medical examination of the victim has confirmed rape, said the police.

This is the third such incident in the past eight weeks in the district. The police had arrested five persons in connection with the gangrape of a married woman at Pillukhera last week.

Indian Express

Four rapes in 24 hrs, Dalits and minors among victims


Express news service : Chandigarh, Thu Oct 04 2012, 01:49 hrs

Despite stern instructions from the Director General of Police to identify and keep an eye on “loafer youth”, in the last 24 hours four incidents of rapes have come to light, including two in Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s home district, Rohtak.

In a case registered on Wednesday at Gohana in Sonepat district, a 19-year-old Dalit woman, who got married three months ago, was allegedly raped by four men. Her sister-in-law was allegedly involved in hatching the conspiracy. Said the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Gohana, Yashpal Singh: “The victim’s parents are daily wagers. She had recently got married and her husband works as a labourer in Idhana village. According to the complaint, she was forced to go along with one Sarwan, who is a resident of Hathali village, by her sister-in-law. Sarwan took her to the fields on Jind road, where four men — Sanjay, Anil, Sarwan and an unidentified person — allegedly raped her. While Sarwan, Anil, Sanjay and the victim’s sister-in-law, Maafi, have been arrested, one accused is at large. There is no evidence of any MMS having been made of the crime, but we are investigating that aspect .”

In another incident, a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped on Wednesday at her residence in Shastri Nagar, Rohtak, by one of her neighbours. According to the police, the accused, Prakash (40), runs a shop. “The accused being a neighbour was allowed entry by the girl, who is a student of Class VI at a government school.

Her parents are daily wagers and were out of home when the incident took place. While the accused was allegedly raping the girl, her aunt reached home. When she tried to catch hold of the accused, he assaulted her and escaped. The girl’s face was also scratched allegedly by the accused. The matter was reported to the police, on basis of which, a case was registered. The victim has been medically examined. The accused will be arrested soon,” said Sub Inspector Rajbir Singh, the SHO of City Police Station, Rohtak.

Two cases of rapes were reported in Rohtak and Jind districts on Tuesday. A 30-yr-old married Dalit woman was allegedly raped at Balerka village in Narwana sub-division of Jind district. The accused, Dhanwa (50), a resident of Gurthali village in the same sub-division, was arrested after residents caught him. “The rape victim belongs to the Dalit community and the accused, who has been arrested, belongs to the same community,” said SI Suresh Kumar.

In another case of rape on Tuesday, a 15-yr-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped by 26-year-old Binder in a car on Rohtak-Hisar road. The girl’s three aunts were part of the conspiracy leading to her kidnapping and rape. The prime accused in the case was arrested along with the victim’s two aunts.

7 rapes in 3 weeks: DGP says crime not rising

On A day when three more cases of rape were reported — taking the number of such incidents to four in last 24 hours and seven in three weeks — from different parts of the state, Haryana’s Director General of Police Ranjiv Singh Dalal asked media not to use words like “increasing graph of crime” and stressed the “need for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children.”

“The media should cooperate with the police and exercise restraint in using words like ‘increasing graph of crime’ while reporting certain untoward incidents. The number of rape cases in the state has reduced by 80 this year as compared to 2011. Therefore, it was wrong to say that the numbers have increased,” Dalal said.

He was talking to reporters after the first meeting of State Police Board. The Board, headed by the Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, has DGP as its member and was constituted in 2009 on the orders of the Supreme Court.

The DGP, who is retiring on October 31 this year, said Haryana Police was committed to safeguarding women and children and “the police is very sensitive towards them”.

He, however, blamed parents, for not being able to keep an eye on their boys “Parents usually do not give proper attention to the boys and remain unaware of their activities. There had been cases where the young boys consume liquor in the day and are involved in violent activities. The parents need to take strict note of the daily activities of their children,” he added.

Ironically, even as the National Commission of Women recently criticised the Haryana Police and the state government for failing to curb the crime against women, Dalal claimed that the commission “has expressed satisfaction over the prompt action taken against the crimes.”

The Director General of Police also cited severe “staff crunch” in the police department for the spate of heinous crimes in the state and said that “as against the required 82,000 police personnel in the state, we have only 56,000”.

Dalal further said that the government has sanctioned a proposal to recruit 11,000 police personnel, for which, the process would commence soon. He added that it was necessary to further improve force multiplying efficiency, for which latest Close Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras were required in towns.

“Rs 200 crore have been sought to implement this five-year plan to install the cameras,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hooda also condemned the rape incidents and said “any culprit, and whoever else are involved in such heinous crimes would not be spared at any cost.”

The Chief Minister said that he has reviewed the working of the police organisation and said that “not only the perception of the police should be good, but it should also be visible and easily accessible”.

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Dalit rape victim commits suicide in Haryana, tenth case in less than a month – NDTV



Dalit rape victim commits suicide in Haryana, tenth case in less than a month


Reported by Anand Kumar Patel, Edited by Sabyasachi Dasgupta | Updated: October 06, 2012 19:01 IST

New Delhi: A 16-year-old Dalit girl committed suicide today after she was allegedly raped by a man in Sachcha Kheda village in Haryana’s Jind district.

This is the tenth case of rape in the state in less than 27 days.

According to police, the victim was forcibly dragged and raped by one of her neighbours, who also belongs to the same community. In a state of shock, the girl went to her house and set.

She died while being treated at a government hospital in Rohtak. But she managed to record her statement before a magistrate, which helped the police to register an FIR in the case. The cops have launched a search operation to nab the accused who has been absconding since the incident took place.

The number of such cases against Dalit women in the state has gone up alarmingly over the last few weeks. Last month, a teenage Dalit girl was allegedly raped by a group of 12 men in Hisar. The accused also filmed the incident on a cellphone and circulated the MMS. Not able to cope with the situation, the girl’s father killed himself. For five days, his dead body was at the mortuary at a local hospital, while the villagers protested against police inaction for almost a month. The victim and her mother refused to take his body from the morgue, saying they will claim it only when they get justice. This finally forced the police to take action.

But the fact that it took his death to propel the police into registering a case of rape is a grim reflection of the treatment given to Dalits in the state.

On October 4, a newly-married woman registered a complaint saying she was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by four men at Banwasa village under Gohana sub-division in Haryana’s Sonipat district, 200 km from Chandigarh.

In another incident, a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her 45-year-old neighbour in in Rohtak, about 70 km from Delhi on Wednesday evening.

In the same area, a minor, mentally-challenged Dalit girl was allegedly raped last Monday. The 15-year-old victim was allegedly lured by three women relatives in Kachchi Garhi Mohalla colony of Rohtak and then raped by a man in an abandoned house.

Last week, a teenaged girl was gang-raped by four men in Gohana town in Haryana’s Sonipat district.

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Bihar: Dalit woman burnt alive for demanding her due – The Hindustan Times


The Hindustan Times

Bihar: Dalit woman burnt alive for demanding her due


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Gaya, October 08, 2012

A demand for the money allotted to her under Indira Vikas Yojana cost a mahadalit woman her life in Bihar’s Gaya district. The former block pramukh, who had siphoned off the funds, allegedly sprinkled kerosene on Putukwa Devi and set her on fire. Putukwa Devi died in hospital on Sunday.

The 35-year-old woman was a member of the poorest of dalits. The category was created by chief minister Nitish Kumar to provide them with special benefits.

An FIR has been lodged and accused Subedar Yadav is on the run. Indira Awas Yojana is a Centrally-sponsored housing scheme for the poor.

“In 2008, the money had been sanctioned in Putukwa Devi’s name for the construction of her house, but Yadav had kept it,” said Pitamber Roy, station house officer, Mohanpur.

She had been repeatedly demanding for the return of the money, said Roy. On Saturday, he barged into her house in an inebriated state along with a few other men.

“The woman’s husband Barhan Manjhi works in Bhutan and neighbours allege that she had illicit relations with the ex-pramukh. But that day, heated exchanges followed when she objected to the entry of his associates,” the SHO said.

Then Yadav, who was already peeved over her demands for money, sprinkled kerosene on her and set her on fire.

“Then they left, but Putukwa Devi, despite her condition, followed Yadav to his home. He took her to the hospital where she died a day later,” said Rajesh Kumar, deputy superintendent of police, Sherghati.

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Pregnant Dalit woman raped in Kaithal – Zee News


Another Dalit girl alleges rape in Haryana – Zee News


Haryana has failed to protect Dalit women: BJP-The Tribune


Zee News

Pregnant Dalit woman raped in Kaithal


Last Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 20:03

Kaithal: A pregnant Dalit woman was allegedly abducted and raped by two youths in Kalyat area of the district in the 15th incident of sexual assault on women within a month in Haryana.

The two accused, Rakesh and Pawan, were arrested today after a case of rape was registered against them on the basis of statement made by the 19-year-old victim about the incident yesterday, SP (Kaithal) Kuldeep Singh Yadav said.

“The girl was medically examined, and the possibility of sexual assault cannot be ruled out. It was also revealed that she was five months pregnant,” the SP said.

“When we enquired from the family about this, they said she was married and was staying with them for past some days,” Yadav said.

During the investigations, it came to light that the girl had made a call to one of her rapists in the wee hours after which the two met, he said.

“The girl and the two arrested youths knew each other well.

We are making further investigations and have registered a case on the complaint of the girl,” he said.

The victim had made the statement before the magistrate and levelled charges of rape against the accused.

This is the 15th incident of sexual assault during the past one month on women that include many teenaged girls in various parts of Haryana. PTI

Zee News

Another Dalit girl alleges rape in Haryana


Last Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 13:53

Chandigarh: Another Dalit girl in Haryana has alleged that she was gang-raped by two youths, police said on Wednesday.

The girl from Kalayat area of Kaithal district, 140 km from here, alleged that she was raped on Monday by two men who abducted her and took her to the fields. They dumped her late Monday evening after tying her hands.

Police in Kaithal said both the accused were arrested following a complaint by the victim. Further investigations were on.

The victim was medically examined on Tuesday and rape was confirmed.

With this, 15 cases of rapes in Haryana have been reported in just 31 days.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday visited Haryana’s Narwana area in Jind district to meet the family of a minor Dalit gang-rape victim who committed suicide after being sexually exploited on Saturday.

Girls from the Dalit community have been raped in Hisar, Sonipat and Rohtak district in the past one month.

Haryana has seen gang-rape and rape cases in several districts, including Rohtak, Hisar, Jind, Bhiwani, Yamunanagar, Panipat, Sonipat, Ambala, Karnal, Faridabad and Kaithal in the past one month. IANS

The Tribune

Haryana has failed to protect Dalit women: BJP


Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 9

With a series of reports of rape and torture of Dalit women and girls emanating from Haryana, the Bharatiya Janata Party today charged the Haryana government with not only failing to protect them but also remaining insensitive. It demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda for the failure of the police to take action in this regard.

“The culprits are moving freely. No action is being taken against them,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said. Instead of taking action against those involved in the crime, the government was pressurising the victims to not register cases, he added.

“Due to the insult and pressure from the government, a few girls have committed suicide in the state,” he said.

The party also criticised Congress president Sonia Gandhi who visited Jind district, stating that meeting people and showing sympathy would not solve the problem. It could be addressed only when the state machinery booked the culprits.

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‘Raped’ 15-year-old kills herself – The Hindustan Times


The Hindustan Times

‘Raped’ 15-year-old kills herself


HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Gwalior, October 12, 2012

A teenaged Dalit girl committed suicide by setting herself afire in Gwalior on Wednesday evening. She was allegedly raped by three youths.

Police said the 15-year-old victim hailed from Utila in rural area of the district. She poured kerosene on herself and set herself ablaze at her house. She received 80% burns and was rushed to the Kamla Raja Hospital where she later died.

The incident has come close on the heels of a similar suicide by a woman in Raisen who had been raped earlier this week. In the latest incident in Gwalior, the victim’s father said his daughter was raped by three youths belonging to the same village.

Police sources said the girl had been taken away by some youths living in the neighbourhood, on false pretext on Tuesday and tried to persuade her to marry one of them.

They allegedly kept her confined and threatened to defame her in the town. The victim was kept confined throughout the night. She returned home the next morning and confided in the mother. Later she set locked self in a room in her house and set herself ablaze.

The deceased’s father said his daughter was raped by three youths, Manish, 18, and two other minors, and this compelled her to take the extreme step. Two of the three accused have been arrested.

Additional SP Raghuvansh Bhadoria said the victim had spent time away from home a day before incident and was scolded by kin after which she committed suicide.

Police have registered a case of rape against three youths for abduction, rape and illegal confinement. (The names of the victim and two of the accused have not been mentioned to protect their identities as they are minors)

Lives lost to rape

*A 35-year-old woman was allegedly abducted and gang raped by unidentified jeep-borne persons when she was going back to her home in Raisen on October 9. She later committed suicide by setting herself afire.

*A 14-year-old girl was raped by seven persons in Datia earlier this month. The accused had shot a video clip and circulated the MMS in the town.

*A two-and-a-half-year-old baby girl was raped by three youths in Ratlam on October 2. The accused were identified as Somesh, Lokendra and Naresh. One of them was victim’s relative.

*A teenaged girl who was missing from her home was later found murdered in Bhopal on October 1. The victim was raped and then killed by the accused, Mustafa, who works as a mechanic in front of Mansarovar Complex.

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Dalits unite to oppose crime against women – Deccan Herald


Deccan Herald

Dalits unite to oppose crime against women



Even after nearly two years of the infamous Mirchpur village incident in Haryana that shocked the nation over the killing of Dalits and burning of their houses by some upper caste people, over 70 affected families refuse to return to their homes.

They fear for their lives and property. Since 2010, these families have been camping with whatever little they are left with in makeshift hutments at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hisar.
The recent incidents of rape in Haryana – including the shocking case which forced Congress president Sonia Gandhi to reach the doorsteps of the family of a minor Dalit girl who immolated herself after being gang raped – have left women feeling vulnerable.

Vexed over a spate of crime against women, several Dalit activists will now gather in Panipat on Sunday under the aegis of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights to draw an action plan to deal with the ‘deteriorating situation’.
They plan a massive protest by Dalit women next month at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.
General secretary of the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, Asha Kotwal, said the idea is to make the authorities act.

“We will hold a meeting in Panipat, and later hold rallies in the state’s towns and villages where recent reports of atrocities against Dalit women have surfaced,” she said.

Advocate and state coordinator of the forum Savita Singh said enforcement of the provisions of the SC and ST Act was poor in Haryana. She said apart from rapes, Dalits are humiliated in many other ways. In some instances, people belonging to influential upper castes still won’t permit Dalits to share their water source, she said.

News Updates 15.10.12

Dabra gang rape victim withdraws into a shell – The Tribune


The Tribune

Dabra gang rape victim withdraws into a shell


Raman Mohan, Tribune News Service

Hisar, October 14

More than a month after a minor Dalit girl was gangraped in Dabra village near here, a pall of gloom envelopes the victim’s home. The victim has not moved out of her house since. She spends her day sulking in a corner of a room, her face covered with a dupatta.

The gang rape came as a double blow to the family. Nine days after she was raped, her father committed suicide in desperation.

“Life has changed. The only breadwinner in the family has died. My daughter has been scarred for life. We live in fear and shame. The world has tuned upside down,” rues the victim’s mother.

The ramshackle house is guarded by the police round the clock. The number of officials of various commissions and leaders of political parties that came calling after the incident hit the headlines has come down substantially. The villagers, who remained in attendance till the victim’s father’s last rites, are no longer to be seen there.

“Yes, we have received financial help from government agencies. But that is hardly any compensation. My son was promised a government job, but, so far they are offering only a temporary job. He needs to be employed so we can at least two square meals a day,” said the mother.

She said she would prefer to move the family out of the village because her daughter is not prepared to come out of the house for both fear and shame. “And she is not wrong. Who will stop street urchins and unruly youth of the village from taunting her? But who listens?” she added.

The fellow villagers have all the sympathy for the victim and the family. But only outwardly. Visiting news persons are offered appropriate sound bites describing the incident variously as a shame on the village and how it had failed to spoil the bhaichara (brotherhood) in the village.

But you move away from the vicinity of the victim’s house and you hear altogether different comments, at times sarcastic. Sample this: “This lowly girl has brought shame to the village. Or, she was caught in the act, so she termed it a rape.” So much for sympathies for the family whose daughter was raped resulting in the death of her father! Hearing this, one tends to agree with the victim’s mother that the family needs to be moved out of this village.

The family is feeling relieved that there is no pressure on them now to change their statements to help the accused. Asked whether she could agree to a compromise, the mother said, “Earlier, we were being threatened. But, now the pressure is on the other side. Temporarily, we are relieved.”

However, she said, the real test would come after the trial starts. It is then that she expects the families of the accused to try and force her daughter to change her statement. “We are poor. What can we do? It all depends on the government. If it wants justice done, we will get. If it doesn’t, it won’t happen,” she added with a touch of resignation.

Amidst this gloomy atmosphere, there is a ray of hope. Most women, including the young girls of the village, are throwing their weight behind the family. The first accused in the case was arrested after a girl from the village saw him travelling in a bus she was in. She informed the sarpanch who told the police.

News Updates 16.10.12

Dalits seek justice for Haryana rape victims – Deccan Herald


Deccan Herald

Dalits seek justice for Haryana rape victims


New Delhi, Oct 15, 2012, DHNS :

Eight Dalit organisations and other rights groups on Monday protested outside Haryana House here against the increasing number of rape cases in the state.

Activists Aruna Roy and Anni Raja participated in the protest, and criticised the government and police for not taking measures to curb such crime. “It is the state government’s responsibility to ensure that women are safe. If it is unable to do so, it has no right to enjoy any kind of power,” said Roy.

The most recent case is the gang rape of a six-year-old girl in Gurgaon. Of the 19 cases, 12 involved Dalit women and three were minor girls.

Activists retaliated against the suggestion of reducing the marriageable age of girls to prevent rape incidents.

They said rapes have become a demonstration of male power and caste dominance in Haryana, which need to be rectified immediately. Over a hundred people demanded an explanation from government authorities for not taking action to protect women in Haryana.
“Even the literate population is going for sex-selective abortion these days. The government is not making policies to protect physical and sexual harassment against women,” said Jawaharlal Nehru University professor Kamal Chenoy.

Roy and four other activists presented their charter of demands to the Haryana government. These include speedy action in molestation cases, appointment of fast-track courts to deliver quick justice, implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevent of Atrocities) Act to deal with rape cases involving Dalit women, and strict action against police for inaction.

News Updates 10.11.12

3 more rapes in Haryana, more than 50 in 3 months = Indian Express


Only women, children left in Vanniyar villages – The Times Of India


Indian Express

3 more rapes in Haryana, more than 50 in 3 months


Chandigarh, Sun Nov 11 2012, 05:15 hrs

In further embarrassment to the Haryana government, three more rape incidents, including two of minor girls, came to light on Saturday.

While a 20-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbour at Sikri village in Ballabgarh area of Faridabad district on Friday, the two other girls, including a Dalit, were allegedly gangraped in two different incidents in Hisar and Bhiwani districts.

In the case of the Faridabad girl, the accused Parvinder sneaked into victim’s house in the absence of her father and committed rape after giving her sedative-laced food to her, police said.

The victim’s father, who found the girl unconscious when he returned home, informed the police.

“We are waiting for victim’s medical report after which a case will be lodged,” investigating officer Bhim Singh said, adding that a manhunt has been launched to nab the absconding accused.

Meanwhile, the Police officials said that a 16-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped by four youths in Hisar on November 3, but the victim informed her family on Friday.

The victim, a Class IX student, alleged that she was forcibly tied, threatened and raped by the four accused at her house, while her parents were away.

After the girl disclosed the incident, the family approached police and a case was registered against the accused, two of whom belong to Jat community while the two others are Dalits.

The girl’s father told reporters in Hisar on Saturday that the accused had threatened to eliminate his family “if we approach the police”.

“The accused, identified as Kuldeep, Deepu, Pawan and Vijay, have been arrested. Further investigation is on,” Superintendent of Police, Hisar, B Satheesh Balan said.

In the second incident, a 11-year-old girl was allegedly raped by three youths in Dadri sub-division on November 8. Two of the three accused have been arrested, police said, adding that the victim had been kidnapped by the youths after which they committed the crime. In both the cases, the girls were medically examined and the doctors confirmed sexual assault.

Haryana has regularly hit the headlines with more than 50 rape cases being reported in the last three months. Both the Congress government and the police have faced flak and criticism for not being able to curb the increasing incidents of heinous crime against women in Haryana.

The Times Of India

Only women, children left in Vanniyar villages


K A Shaji, TNN | Nov 11, 2012, 03.09AM IST

SELLANKOTTAI (DHARMAPURI): Though four days have gone since he committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling and more than 48 hours since autopsy was conducted at Government General Hospital in Dharmapuri, the body of 49-year-old R Nagarajan has not been claimed by his family. Though they had agreed to claim the body on Friday, none had turned up at the hospital till late Saturday evening. It was Nagarajan’s suicide on Wednesday, allegedly out of frustration caused by the marriage of his daughter to a dalit boy, that provoked a mob of vanniyars to attack dalit houses in three Dharmapuri villages. A government report said 263 dalit homes were looted and set on fire.

The refusal on the part of the vanniyar community to claim the body and conduct the last rites have turned dalits to suspect that the vanniyars are planning more attacks. They claimed that it was a ploy to whip-up caste sentiments and fuel anger over the inter-caste marriage.

However, vanniyars offer a different take on their refusal to turn up at the hospital. So far, 92 vanniyars have been arrested and cases registered against 218 others. Vanniyars feel those who turn up at the hospital to claim the body or make arrangements for the funeral would also be implicated in the case.

At Sellankottai, a vanniyar village located just kilometre from Natham, a dalit village that witnessed the anti-dalit fury of vanniyars, only women, children and cattle are left. Even the aged men are in hiding, fearing arrest.

The house of Nagarajan has been locked up and his wife has shifted to an unidentified location. Divya, the girl who married the dalit boy Ilavarasan, was the only child of the couple. A heavy posse of police is camping in the village, while the women keep themselves indoors. Following rumours that the vanniyar men have left the village and were holding a clandestine meeting at a marriage hall in Dharmapuri to plan further attacks on dalits, police have searched the area and ruled out any meeting.

The village with about 100 vanniyar homes is located in the middle of a vast expanse of turmeric, maize, cotton and rice fields. Ananthayee, a 61-year-old woman, who TOI team found burning a bunch of hay to keep away evil forces that have ‘gripped the village’ after the suicide of Nagarajan, said her family members have instructed her not to talk to strangers. Other women in the nearby houses also refused to talk about the death of Nagarajan or the marriage between Divya and Ilavarasan.

“In the beginning, it was just an emotional issue of Nagarajan, who felt humiliated on his daughter marrying against his wish. The situation was vitiated by external elements later who worked up caste feelings and prompted Nagarajan to commit suicide. Inter-caste marriages involving dalits and vanniyars are not a new affair here. Over 10 families are there in the area with vanniyar and dalit partners. We are probing other factors that led to the violence. Our urgent priority is to repair communal relations in the villages, said Salem range DIG Sanjay Kumar, who is camping in the area.

Interestingly, Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), considered to be the political voice of vanniyars, has protested reports that the Dharmapuri violence was fuelled by a hate speech by party leader Kaduvetti Guru recently in Puduchery directing community members to kill non-vanniyars who marry vanniyar women. “We have nothing to do with the violence. PMK is friendly with dalit groups and socially backward communities. Our leader Ramadoss is a close friend of Dalit leader Thol Thirumavalavan. We condemn the untoward happenings in Dharmapuri,” said Dr R Senthil, a senior leader of PMK.

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Dalit woman alleges gangrape, 2 accused found dead – Indian Express


Indian Express

Dalit woman alleges gangrape, 2 accused found dead


Express news service : Chandigarh, Sat Dec 01 2012, 06:24 hrs

Barely hours after they were accused by a 35-year-old Dalit woman of gangrape, two men in their early twenties were found dead on railway tracks in Rohtak district of Haryana on Friday.

Although the police termed the deaths as suicide as the two were ashamed after being confronted by their family members, there was tension in Ajayab village. Members of the Jat community — to which the two belonged — accused the Dalits of murdering the two and dumping their bodies on the tracks.

Sandeep (23) and Sunil (24) were among five persons who were accused by the woman, a mother of four, of gangraping her on Thursday.

According to the woman, she was sleeping with her children at her home when the five barged into her house around 1.30 am and raped her. She named four persons — her husband’s cousin Fauji, Sonu, Sandeep and Sunil. The fifth accused, later identified as Samundar, has been arrested. Fauji and Sonu are absconding, police said.

Rohtak Superintendent of Police Vivek Sharma told The Indian Express: “Five persons were involved in the alleged gangrape. Initially, the victim identified two of the accused. However, today, when we got her statement recorded before the Magistrate, she identified four out of five accused. She could not recall the other two names — that of Sunil and Sandeep — earlier as she was traumatised. We have arrested another accused in the case, Samundar. Raids are on to nab the other two.”

The woman was sent for medical examination at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak and swabs were sent to the Forensic Sciences Laboratory at Madhuban. During her medical examination, doctors did not find any struggle marks on her body, sources said. However, final reports are awaited.

Initial police investigations point to certain contradictions in the woman’s version to the police. Her eldest daughter, who is around 12, told the police that her mother had gone out of home Wednesday night, contradicting the woman’s version. Also, the police were examing the woman’s claim that her children were asleep beside her as she was raped in her one-room kutcha house.

The police have also found three of the accused were allegedly in constant touch with her, including at “odd-hours”. The police are scrutinising the phone call records of the woman and the accused.

Sources said the Haryana police’s Crime Branch has taken over the investigations. A Crime Branch official, who did not want to be named, said accused Sandeep and Sunil must have committed suicide after their parents came to know about the rape allegations.

“They must have felt ashamed and took this extreme step of committing suicide,” the official said.

The autopsy reports of the two were still awaited.

“We got information that two boys had committed suicide in front of a goods train on the Rohtak-Delhi stretch near Kanheli village. We informed the local police and also reached the spot. As it was the Rohtak police’s case, we confined ourselves to only getting the post mortem examination conducted,” said Hardeep Singh Doon, Superintendent of Police, Railways, Haryana.

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Tension in Naickenkottai after death of woman – DNA



Tension in Naickenkottai after death of woman


Published: Monday, Dec 3, 2012, 23:22 IST Agency: PTI

Tension prevailed in Dalit villages in Naickenkottai today following the death of a 20-year-old woman, who was on fast along with some villagers demanding among other things arrest of those behind the attack on Dalit colonies last month by caste Hindus protesting an inter-caste marriage.

The woman, Mangammal, whose condition worsened a day after the fast began on November 28, died at Mohankumarmangalam Medical College Hospital at Salem, police said.

Hospital sources said the woman had been suffering from viral fever for the past 10 days. Though “effective treatment” was given to her, she breathed her last this afternoon.

However, the protesters alleged that she died due to “inadequate treatment”.

A total of 268 houses were torched, 54 vehicles destroyed, jewels and valuables looted in the violence unleashed on Nov 7 by the Caste Hindus after a man committed suicide over his daugther marrying a Dalit man of Natham Colony.

After the attack came to light, police arrested more than 90 people and National Commission for SC/ST officials and leaders of various political parties visited the colonies and condemned the violence targeting the Dalits.

Two police personnel, including an Inspector, had been suspended while the DSP of the area shifted to Salem Range office pending inquiry into alleged failure of police to prevent the attack.

Heavy police force was posted in the area to prevent any untoward incidents, police said.

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Dalit protest shifts to Salem hospital after 20-yr-old dies – The Times Of India


Dalit outfits refuse to accept girl’s body – The Hindu


Dalit women pledge to snatch their rights from oppressive social structures – The Hindu


The Times Of India

Dalit protest shifts to Salem hospital after 20-yr-old dies


By V Senthil Kumaran, TNN | Dec 5, 2012, 07.13 AM IST

SALEM: Angered by the refusal of the government to respond to their demands, at least 500 dalits began a sit-in outside the mortuary of the Salem Government Hospital on Tuesday and refused to let hospital officials do a post-mortem on a 20-year-old girl, who died on Monday, while participating in the mass hunger strike. The strike was to protest against anti-dalit violence in three colonies in Dharmapuri district.

A Mangai alias Mangammal was in Salem GH for four days after her health deteriorated. Doctors said she succumbed to viral brain fever, which she may have contacted due to prolonged exposure to the cold weather. The mob that attacked her village had burned down her house and she had no option but to sleep in the open. Lack of proper medication soon after she developed fever and the hunger strike could have worsened her situation, doctors had said on Monday.

Her relatives were adamant that they would not let hospital authorities do a post-mortem unless the government heard them out. “The government should listen to our demands at least after my daughter’s death,” said C Anbu, Mangai’s father.

The Hindu

Dalit outfits refuse to accept girl’s body


Special Correspondent

Dalit outfits, including Viduthalai Chiruthaigali Katchi, staged a demonstration near Salem Government Medical College Hospital here on Tuesday refusing to accept the body of Mangammal, a Dalit girl from Natham colony at Naikkankottai in Dharmapuri district, who died on Monday night.

Natham was one of the three colonies that were attacked by a mob on November 7, following the suicide of a caste Hindu who was upset over his daughter marrying a Dalit youth from the colony.

Mangammal was among the Dalits who were on a fast last week to demand action against the perpetrators of the violence and a higher compensation. She was removed to the hospital after she fell sick. Since her admission to the hospital, her family and other residents claimed that she had been traumatised by the violence and her health had deteriorated since then. A senior doctor who attended on her, however, told The Hindu that the girl could have died of viral infection.

Demanding a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the mob fury and a compensation of Rs.10 lakh for each affected family, besides government jobs for the family members of Mangammal (20), the members of the outfits along with the relatives of the girl staged a demonstration here on Tuesday and asked the girl’s relatives not to sign documents for post-mortem.

Senior police and revenue officials were engaging them in talks. Police also stepped up security in and around the hospital.

Staff Reporter adds from Dharmapuri:

  1. Palanisamy, a former naxalite who was heading the fast, said over 30 Dalits and the family members of the girl were at the hospital, but they would not receive the body until the government ordered a CBI inquiry into the violence and arrested the main persons behind it. They were also seeking action against Pattali Makkal Katchi founder leader S. Ramadoss and the party’s senior leader J. Guru, for making anti-Dalit remarks.

Meanwhile, due to their persistent demand, the Krishnapuram police registered a case under section 174 Cr.Pc (suspicious death) on Monday night.

The Hindu

Dalit women pledge to snatch their rights from oppressive social structures


Mohammad Ali

Sunita Devi couldn’t take her Class IX final exams because the date clashed with the day of her marriage. Nine years on, she has not only completed her BA, but also teaches other Dalit women who couldn’t continue their studies after marriage. The resident of Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh was recounting her story to a large number of Dalit women who had gathered here on Tuesday as part of the first national conference of Dalit women to debate and outline a National Dalit Development Agenda. The agenda is to focus on the access of Dalits to essential services like Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS), Mid-day Meal Scheme (MDM) and the Public Distribution Scheme (PDS).

“After marriage I told my husband that at any cost I would continue my studies. I challenged the social norms prevailing in Baghpat because somebody has to take the courage to break the social structures. If you won’t then nobody will,” Sunita told the cheering crowd.

Sunita was joined by Laxmi Bagri, a field worker on Dalit issues in Haryana. She narrated her story of fighting against a casteist and patriarchal society. “I raised my voice against sexual violence on fellow Dalit women and took the matter up with the police. The victims got justice because of the solidarity shown by the Dalit rights activists and groups,” she said.

“The bottom line is that it is high time we say no to all kinds of violence by any body and every body,” Laxmi , adding, “We need to take our every legitimate right from the self appointed guardians of the society.”

The occasion saw eminent feminist and women’s leader Kamla Bhasin singing empowering songs about not getting bogged down by patriarchal dictates and fulfilling one’s every wish and aspiration.

“Let’s take a pledge not to be defeated by patriarchal onslaught. All that it takes is courage on our part,” said Ms. Bhasin.

During the public hearing, the Dalit women talked about how they faced discrimination while accessing food programmes like PDS, ICDS and MDM and demanded that ICDS centres and PDS shops be opened in Dalit villages. They also demanded that the cooking staff should be appointed from among the SC/ST to “eliminate the notions of purity, pollution and untouchability.”

On this occasion, Ashok Bharti from the National Confederation of Dalit Organisation, a coalition of several Dalit rights groups, underscored that at present the PDS, ICDS, and the MDM were arguably the strongest available tools with which the poor and marginalised could actualise their Right to Food.

“But the biggest roadblock is the considerable disadvantage faced by Dalits while accessing these schemes which has finally resulted in poor nutritional indicators of the majority of the SC/ST communities,” he added.

A recent UNICEF study showed that 37 per cent of reported maternal deaths were from the Scheduled Castes, said Mr. Bharti, adding that children from SC/ST communities were more likely to be underweight and malnourished.

“It shows that there is some thing seriously wrong with our nutritional policies,” he said, demanding the National Nutrition Policy be redesigned and a National Nutrition Authority be established with substantial presence from the SC/ST communities. He also asked the Government to make the social audit of all food and nutritional schemes mandatory.

News Updates 08.12.12

Pregnant dalit woman gang-raped – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Pregnant dalit woman gang-raped


TNN | Dec 8, 2012, 01.34 AM IST

BHOPAL: A pregnant dalit woman was gang-raped by three persons in the old city area. The incident took place on December 4, but a case in this regard was registered late on Thursday.

The 22-year-old victim was returning to her in-laws place when three persons took her to a deserted area near a water tank in Ibrahimganj and raped.

Initially, the victim could not muster the courage to reveal it to anyone but when her mother-in-law pressurized, she narrated the incident after which a case was registered with the police.

The accused in the case have been identified as Majnu Gupta, Rohit and Phaddu Chouhan.

Officials said victim’s mother resides in Karond. She along with her mother was going back to her in-laws place when Majnu, who resides in the same locality, told her mother that he would drop the victim to her in-laws place in Ibrahumganj.

He took the woman in an ape auto with him and two more persons joined the accused after some distance.

The trio took the woman near an overhead water tank and outraged her modesty.

The police said Majnu and Rohit took turns to rape the woman while Phaddu was holding her hands so that she could not resist.

Victim later went back home and remained quiet for two days. However, when her mother-in-law pressurized her, she revealed the incident.

The police confirmed that victim has a kid and is expecting again. Since she is a dalit, the case is being transferred to the AJK police wing, the police added.

Senior officials claimed that one of the accused was known to the victim and she had once given an application to police that he tried to exploit her in the past.

News Updates 09.12.12

Dalit girl buried in Dharmapuri – The Hindu


Hoshiarpur girl’s murder turns out to be honour killing; parents held – The Tribune


The Hindu

Dalit girl buried in Dharmapuri


Staff Reporter

Six days after the death of A.Mangammal, the Dalit girl was buried at Naikkankottai village on Saturday afternoon with heavy police bandobust.

After hectic parleys with the revenue and police officials in Salem and Dharmapuri districts, the body was brought from Salem Government Medical College Hospital on Friday night and buried. As a precautionary measure, the police blocked traffic on the Dharmapuri-Tirupattur Road for an hour during the funeral procession. The traffic on this road was diverted to an alternative route by the district police to avoid unnecessary tension during the procession.

About 500 people including relatives, Dalit organisations and leaders from political parties participated in the funeral. The last rites were performed by women at the Natham Colony burial ground instead of men. Later, a condolence meeting was held at the Natham colony. Mr. Velmurugan, State general secretary, Bahujan Samaj Party, M. Nandan, State deputy secretary, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, P. Dillibabu, Harur M.L.A. and representatives from various rights groups were present.

The girl had died at the Salem Government Medical College Hospital on December 3, allegedly due to ‘brain fever.’ She was referred to the Salem Government Medical College Hospital from Dharmapuri Government Medical College Hospital on November 29 with high fever.

Her relatives and Dalit groups had refused to accept her body claiming that the death of the girl, presently registered under Section 174 of Cr. PC (suspicious death) be altered to 302 (Murder) of Indian Penal Code.

Earlier on Friday, the Superintendent of Police Asra Garg, reportedly told them that an inquiry would be held into the circumstances that led to the death of Mangammal, by a ‘neutral’ officer in the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

The Collector had assured them adequate compensation. Following assurance, the relatives of the deceased and Dalit outfits agreed to accept the body.

The Tribune

Hoshiarpur girl’s murder turns out to be honour killing; parents held


Our Correspondent

Hoshiarpur, December 8

The district police today claimed to have solved the murder case of 25-year-old Manpreet Kaur of Subhanpur village whose body was found near Bhagora crossing on the Hoshiarpur-Chandigarh road near Mahilpur on Thursday.

The police alleged it was a case of honour killing where the parents got their daughter killed to save their family from “disrepute”.

Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Hoshiarpur, said the police had arrested Manpreet’s father Kapur Singh, mother Balwinder Kaur, Satnam Singh Sona of Parsota and Jaswinderpal of Meetpur and seized Rs 1.50 lakh, a wedge used in the crime, a Maruti Zen car and the deceased’s mobile phone. Another accused Gurinder Singh of Mona Kalan is absconding.

Kapur Singh had earlier told the police that his daughter left the house at 6 pm on December 5 to attend the engagement party of her friend’s sister. Manpreet had Rs 4000, one gold chain and a gold ring at that time. He said he suspected that some robbers might have killed his daughter.

The SSP said investigations revealed that Manpreet wanted to marry Sandeep Kumar, son of Rattan Lal of Motian, PS Chabbewal, who belonged to the Scheduled Caste community, but her parents were against it.

Gill said: “On December 5, her parents called Satnam Singh and his driver Gurinder Singh to their house. They told Manpreet to snap ties with the boy, but she kept insisting on marrying Sandeep. Enraged over this, Satnam allegedly hit a wedge on her head and killed her on the spot. Later, they called Jaswinderpal to help them in disposing of the body.

“Jaswinderpal took Rs 1.50 lakh and agreed to report the matter to the police as an accident case. Later, Satnam took the body in his car to a tubewell where he changed the blood stained clothes. He then took her to Bhagora village and his driver Gurinder Singh followed him on Manpreet’s Activa scooter which they dumped along with the body”.

All the accused have confessed to their involvement in the crime, the SSP added.

News Updates 16.12.12

Rape ‘victim’ killed by accusedThe Times Of India


Pipili gang rape: Panel quizzes forensic officer – The Times Of India


The Times Of India

Rape ‘victim’ killed by accused


Faiz Rahman Siddiqui, TNN | Dec 16, 2012, 02.01 AM IST

KANPUR: A minor girl, who had accused a local goon of raping her, was strangled to death by the hoodlum in full public view in a Fatehpur village after she refused to withdraw the complaint against him.

The incident took place in Sidhaav village in bordering Fatehpur on Saturday morning when the accused, Narvada Nishad, barged into the house of the 16-year-old girl, Radha Sonker (name changed) and after beating her brutally, strangled the hapless girl to death even as the villagers looked on.

The killer managed to escape unchallenged.The villagers later informed the Bahua outpost police about the incident who reached the village and sent the body for postmortem.

The girl was allegedly raped by the accused in December last. Subsequently, the girl’s father had lodged a case in this regard with the district’s Lalauli police station alleging that Narvada Nishad had raped his daughter.

The matter was sub-judice.

Village sources said about a week ago, the accused had threatened the victim and her family members of dire consequences and pressurized them to withdraw the complaint, but they refused to do so. Moreover, the statement of the rape victim was recorded before a magistrate three days ago.

Police claimed that angered over this, Narvada Nishad barged into the girl’s house when her parents were away at work. Radha, who was sitting near the main entrance of her house, tried to run inside but the accused pounced upon her and dragged her outside the house.

After brutally assaulting her, he strangled her to death in full public view and escaped.

The rape victim’s kin said they had informed the police about the regular “threats” from the accused but they failed to take any action.

Police said a search has been launched for the absconding accused.

Deputy superintendent of police Santosh Kumar Singh said: “A case has been registered under relevant sections of the IPC. We are on the lookout for the accused and will nab him soon.” However, he had no reply when asked why the police didn’t take any action on the girl’s complaint.

Tension prevailed in Sidhaav village over the murder of rape victim. “Additional police personnel have been deployed at the village as precautionary measure,” informed another senior police official.

The Times Of India

Pipili gang rape: Panel quizzes forensic officer


The writer has posted comments on this article TNN | Dec 16, 2012, 02.50 AM IST

CUTTACK: The scientific officer who conducted the polygraph test of the four accused in the gang rape and murder of the 19-year-old dalit girl in Pipili last year, deposed before the Justice P K Mohanty Commission on SaturdaySujan Kumar Das, officer of the state forensic science laboratory, stated before the commission that lie detection test of the four accused, Prashant Pradhan, Sukanta Pradhan, Gurna Chandra Swain and Premananda Nayak,was conducted under his supervision on direction of the investigating officer. Das was also cross-examined by counsels of opposite parties.

The commission had summoned the then SP (Puri) A N Sinha, and the then SDPO (Pipili) R K Rout but both of them sought time to depose before the commission. The commission has issued a notice to the then Pipili tehsildar and doctors of SCB Medical College and Hospital to depose before it on December 21.

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